Add to your high tunnel or greenhouse

Optional Double Layer Poly

Add a second layer of plastic on your tunnel and inflate it and it will increase your temperature in cold weather by 2-3 degrees and it will eliminate loose, flopping plastic which means longer roof life. Comes with poly blower and mounting bracket.

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Shade Cloths 8x12
Shade Cloths

NOTE: These are the sizes in stock. We can get most any size, shade, or color you want in 2 weeks or less. You can put your order in the “comment” box at checkout, email us, or call us.

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Steel Doors

The steel doors that we offer are made from 1 1/2″ square tubing and covered with 8 mil double walled poly carbonate. They come with hinges attached so that they are ready to hang.

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All the bolts, connectors, and metal to turn your normal bow into a W-Truss. May be done on every bow or every other. Count the number of total bows and subtract 2 to get the quantity needed or the inside exposed bows. You may choose to do every other one.

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