Bonide Boric Acid Roach Powder

Odorless, non-staining indoor insect control. Kills roaches, ants, silverfish. Even use on carpets, upholstery. Convenient RTU “puffer” container.

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Bonide Vegetable 3n1 Rtu

Kills insects, diseases & mites.

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Citric Acid


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Florel Pistill

Florel, Pistill Brand.

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A highly selective, biological larvacide for use in
greenhouses to control fungus gnat larvae.

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Greenhouse Fungicides

Banrot is a broad spectrum root rot fungicide. It provides control & systemic action for damping off, root and stem rot diseases caused by pythium, phytophora, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and thielaviopsis.
Use 4-12 oz per 100 gallons of water to 800 square feet. 2 LB size.

CLEARLY 3336F Flowable Ω
Active ingredient Thiophanate methyl used to prevent and control turf and ornamental diseases on golf courses, commercial and residential lawns, sod farms, greenhouses, interiorscapes, landscapes and nurseries. A systemic fungicide Quart size.

A systemic, protectant and curative fungicide for disease control in turf grass, landscape ornamentals, greenhouses and nursery ornamentals, apples, stone fruit and grapes. Active ingredient: Myclobutanil.
Pint size
Active ingredient; 50% Azoxystrobin. For control of certain pathogens causing foliar, aerial, & root diseases, including leaf, tip & flower blights, leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose & rust on ornamental plants. May be used to control certain diseases of container, bench, flat, plug, bed or field-grown ornamentals in greenhouses, shade-houses, outdoor nurseries & other landscape areas. 4 oz size.
Horticultural algaecide, disinfectant and fungicide. Use to clean & disinfect pots, tools & benches: to kill algae on greenhouse glass & walkways to remove algae, fungus and odors from evaporative coolers.

1 gallon
Based on the unique phenylpyrrole chemistry. Different from other fungicide products on the market today. Medallion formulation is highlighted by application rates that offer up to 38 times less active ingredient per 100 gallons of solution. Developed especially to control Rhizoctonia on ornamentals. Easy on plants. Delivers superior control of root and stem rot. Can be applied as a foliar spray or soil drench. Foe use in greenhouses, field or container grown nursery stock, golf course management, lawn care and
landscape management, sports & facility turf. 8 oz jug.
A systemic bactericide and fungicide labeled for a wide range of ornamental plants, nursery crops and trees.Its unique composition goes beyond the traditional disease control on copper-based products without the traditional side effects. Works within the plant to provide integral disease control and often enhances overall plant health and vitality. Effective against internal pathogens as well as on the surface, and does not wash off. No residue on treated material, including blooms. Gentle on young, tender tissue and most plants in full bloom. Compatible with most IPM programs & bio-controls. 1 liter bottle.
This micro emulsion concentrate formulation offers ease in mixing & reduces equipment wear. Zero hour reentry. The only fungicide in the ornamental industry designed to maximize Pylhium and Phytophthora control. For use in greenhouses, golf course management, field and container grown nurseries, sod production, sports tuff and facility turf, trees/shrubs care. Quart size
A systemic fungicide that will control or prevent many fungal diseases on ornamental plants in the greenhouse and nursery. Disease include flower blight, leaf blight/spot, powdery mildew, rust and tip blights. Strike® works from inside the plant to actively control diseases before symptoms occur and will provide residual control for 30 days or more. REI 12 hours  1/2 LB jar

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Greenhouse Insecticides

AVID® Miticide/Insecticide Ω  Unsurpassed protection against mites and leafminers.Targets mites and leafminers in ornamentals, cut flower & pot plants, field and container grown nurseries, trees and shrubs, and turf. Compatible with beneficial arthropods and IPM programs. The liquid formulation is odorless, becomes rain fast within hours of application and leaves no unsightly residue on the foliage. Can be tank-mixed with many other products. 8 OZ size  Quart size
BENEFIT™ 60 WP Ω Active ingredient; 60% imidacloprid. Nursery & greenhouse insecticide that controls the most common insect problems. Knocks down some of the most pervasive pests. Controls white grub larvae, aphids, mealy bugs & other common insects. Up to 12 weeks of systemic activity. 3.53 oz.
CITATION ® Ω Effective control of leaf miner larvae in ornamentals. Disrupts the normal larvae growth development & prevents them from reaching adult maturity. Targets dipterous insects on a wide array of plants including ornamentals, pot plants and shrubs. For use indoor, in outdoor nursery settings and greenhouses. Compatible with beneficial arthropods. Package contains 6 2.66 oz packets

.CONSERVE® SC Ω 11.65% Spinosyn. For control of lepidopterous larvae (such as cut-worm, sod webworm, armyworm, Eastern tent caterpillar, gypsy moth larvae, bagworm, fall webworm, and others ), sawflies, chrysomelid leaf feeding beetles such as elm & willow leaf beetles, diperous gall midges, thrips, and diperous leafminers infesting turf grass and ornamentals. Quart size

DECATHLON® 20WP Ω Active ingredient; 20.0% Cyfluthrin. Decathlon® 20 WP is effective for broad spectrum control of crawling and flying insect pests on ornamental & nursery stock. Decathlon 20 WP will not stain or cause damage to any painted or varnished household surface, plastic, fabric or other surfaces where water applied alone causes no damage. 8 oz size. Jar.
DISTANCE® IGR Ω By preventing eggs, larvae and pupae from growing into breeding adults, Distance® insect Growth Regulator controls populations of whitefly, fungus gnats, scale and other pests. A non-restricted use pesticide that’s very host specific so it’s easy on beneficial insects. Its unique mode of action makes it a natural for resistance management programs.  Quart size
ENDEAVOR® Ω 50.0% Pymetrozine. This new class of chemical safely eliminates sap sucking aphids and whiteflies with its unique mode of action. As the aphid begins to tap into a plant treated with Endeavor, it’s
sucking mechanism is immediately and irreversibly paralyzed, the aphid pulls out its stylets. Aphid will die within 2- 4 days. Also extremely effective against sap sucking whiteflies. Pack contains 6 2.5 oz packs.
ENSTAR II Ω Insect growth regulator. For control of whiteflies, thrips, aphids, soft-bodied & armored scale,
mealy bugs & fungus gnats in greenhouses, shade houses & interior scapes on ornamentals. QT size
FLAGSHIP® 25 WG Ω Active ingredient; 25% Thiamethoxam. Flagship is for foliar & systemic control of pests on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses, lath & shade houses, containers, field nurseries & on Christmas trees. Flagship is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is active against many sucking & chewing insect pests by contact & ingestion. It is relatively short-lived on the surface of plant foliage, readily absorbed into plant tissues, & rain fast once it has dried. 8 oz size. 
FLORAMITE® Miticide Ω Provides outstanding control of a variety of mite pests on ornamental plants in greenhouse, shade houses, nursery, field, landscape and interior settings. Labeled for use on a virtually all types of ornamental plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, bulb crops,  perennial plants and woody plants. Produces quick knock-down through contact activity and long residual control of
more than 21 days. It is effective on a variety of species mites and all life stages of tetranychid spider mites. Ideal in IPM and resistance management programs. Quart size.
GNATROL®WDG Ω A highly selective, biological larvacide for use in greenhouse to control fungus gnat larvae. It may be used on a wide variety of ornamental, as well as all bulb crops, bedding plants & vegetable sets. Fungus gnats usually stop feeding & die within 24 hours. Maybe applied by injection into drip or overhead irrigation systems or via solid set sprinklers. Workers may re-enter the area as soon as spray dries.  16 LB container.
JUDO™ MITACIDE/INSECTICIDE Ω Active ingredient: spiromesifen. Judo™ is a greenhouse and nursery insecticide/miticide that really packs a punch against all developmental stages of whiteflies and mites. Judo™ is translaminar and provides extended residual control, (whiteflies 21+ days & mites 30+ days).  Judo™ is the perfect choice to add to your spray rotation. 2 to 4 oz per 100 gallons. Judo™ is soft on beneficial, tough on whiteflies and mites. Recommended to Capsil surfactant. 8 oz size bottle 
KONTOSΩ 22.4% Spirotetramat. GH & nursery insecticide/miticide for foliar & systemic insect control ornamentals, vegetable plants in greenhouse. 250 mil size.
MAINSPRING GNLTM INSECTICIDE Ω Active ingredient: Cyantraniliprole 18.66%. For the control of sucking and chewing insects on various ornamentals. 1 Pint
MALLET .5G T&O Ω Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 0.5% 30 lb size
MARATHON® 1% GRANULAR Ω Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 1.0% The standard in control for whitefly and aphids in poinsettias, mums, & other flowering ornamentals Unprecedented control for up to 12 weeks.
REI: 12 hours. 5 LB size.
MARATHON® II Ω A flowable that allows for a foliar spray application of Marathon® on ornamentals and vegetable plants for resale grown in the greenhouse or nursery. With very low rates, Marathon® as a spray offers 3-4 weeks of control on sucking and piercing insects ( aphids, whiteflies and thrips, mealy bugs and soft scale ). REI: 12 hours  250 ml ( 8.45 fl oz )
MINX TM INSECTICIDE/MITICIDE Ω Active ingredient: Abamectin 2.0%. A quick and easy control for mite
or leaf miners. This emulsified concentrate when mixed with water according to the directions will control leaf miners, mite & suppress whiteflies, thrips & aphids on ornamentals. Mix with water & foliar apply.
Quart Gallon
Ovation SC Ω Suspension concentrate for mite management on commercial ornamental plants in greenhouses, outdoor containers & field grown nursery stock. 1 lb.
OVERTURE Ω Looking for a new mode of action to kill thrips? Here it is, Overture. Also controls many lepidopterous ( caterpillars). With its highly effective, new mode of action and new chemistry, Overture is intended for use in IPM programs. By introducing it into your program, you can break up any current resistance problems & prevent future insecticide resistance from developing. 8-2 oz pkt per package.
PYLON™ Ω The newest unique miticide on the market today. Offers contact control as well as long residual control (21-27 days). Gives excellent control of most mite species ( including two-spotted spider mite, apple rust mite, carmine spider mite, citrus bud mite and more. REI: 12 hours. Pint size
SAFARI™ 20 SG INSECTICIDE Ω Active ingredient: dinotefuran, a neonicotiniod insecticide. Use on
indoor & outdoor ornamentals in greenhouse, nursery & landscapes. Targets whiteflies, aphids, scale, leaf miner, mealy bugs & others. 3 lb size.
SIROCCOTM Ω Sirocco provides quick knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of insects and pest such as thrips and mites. Sirocco may be used in greenhouse, shade houses, nurseries including
Christmas tree/conifer plantations), landscapes and interior scape. Labeled for use on ornamental bedding plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials, and trees and shrubs. Insects controlled a long list of mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies and leafminers. Active ingredient; Bifenazate + Abamectin.
MOA; Unknown + 6 8 oz package
TALSTAR® FLOWABLE Ω Insecticide/miticide. A true miticide with quick knockdown and good residual control. It is safe for poinsettias in color, plugs and blooms. Exhibits excellent control of whiteflies, fungus gnats, shore flies, aphids, and mites. Labeled for use in greenhouses and interior scapes. Quart size
TetraSan®Ω Miticide With excellent translaminar movement & outstanding residual activity, tetraSan® miticide affects spider mites at all life stages without harming most beneficial insects. TetraSan® controls
spider mites on the underside of leaves, even when it’s difficult to get good under-leaf spray coverage.1 lb 
TRISTAR® 8.5L Ω A foliar insecticide with broad spectrum control of key, economically important, insect pests like aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, white flies, thrips, leaf eating beetles and leafminers. Active ingredient: Acetamiprid 8.5%  4 oz    Qt

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Monterey B.T.

Monterey B.T. Insecticide kills caterpillar type insects, but has no effect on birds, earthworms, or beneficial insects such as honeybees and ladybugs, when used as directed. It is for use on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and shade trees. It can be used on edible plants up to the day of harvest.

  • OMRI listed for organic gardening
  • Biological insecticide
  • Easy-to-mix liquid concentrate
  • Active ingredients: bacillus thuringiensis
  • Will not harm predator insects
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Monterey Fruit Tree Spray

Broad spectrum insecticide, fungicide and miticide that controls
insects, disease on vegetables

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Organocide 2.5 gal concentrate

Organocide is a nature-safe, organic spray oil effective on a
wide variety of insects such as: mites, armored & soft scale
insect eggs, larvae, nyths & adults. Controls fungal diseases
such as powdery mildew, black spot on roses, helminthesporium
and greasy spot on citrus. Can be used on most plants.
Active ingredient: sesame oil. Can not be sold in the following
states, AL, HI, ID, MS, ND, NE, NV, SD, WV & WY.

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Outdoor Ant Killer Station

Package contains 6 bait stations that are ready to use.

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Ovation Sc

Suspension concentrate for mite mangement on commercial
ornamental plants in greenhouses

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SaferGro Mildew Cure

A natural, organic fungicide that provides good control of
powdery mildew on various crops

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