Bluebird Compost

Locally produced compost made from materials such as wood chips, sawdust, chicken litter, horse bedding and etc. Contains no lawn clipping or sewer sludge. Contains no heavy metals 1 cubic ft bag. OMRI listed.

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Gantec Green

Gantec Green is an advanced, natural adjuvant currently available as an OMRI listed emulsifiable concentrate foliar spray that provides a unique blend of bio-actives which enhance plant growth resiliency in combination with nutritional products. In use by professional greenhouse growers since 2008. It’s highly concentrated formulation is ideal for indoor applications. Gantec Green can be used through existing spray systems … Read More

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Gantec Pro

Gantec Pro is a natural fertilizer adjuvant recommended for use on field crops. It combines unique bio-chemisty to improve the delivery of existing fertilizers and inputs to plants, resulting in better plant growth, health and yield. Gantec Pro is composed of an oil-based mixture of ingredients derived from plants which thrive in extreme environments. Normal use rate is 4 oz … Read More

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Grow Big Hydroponic Formula

Hydro tip: Beginning the first week, use 2-3 teaspoons per gallon. Maintain pH between 5.8 and 6.3. When plants show their first sign of flowering, usually around week 5, switch to Tiger Bloom® and Big Bloom®. For a Hydroponic Feeding Schedule go here.

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Grow Big Liquid Plant Food

Garden Tip: Allow new plantings a few days to settle in, then begin using at the rate of two teaspoons per gallon of water every other time you water. You can also use Grow Big® as a foliar feeding, applying to both sides of leaves, preferably early in the morning. At the first sign of flowering, switch to Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food. For more ideas, check out our complete Feeding Schedules here.

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Happy Frog All Purpose 5-5-5

Garden tip: All-Purpose is a good general fertilizer to help rejuvenate your garden. Use monthly throughout the growing season. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil and water thoroughly

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Get young transplants and seeds off to the right start. From their first day in your garden, they need the right mix of nutrients to germinate and grow. This gentle blend includes phosphorus for vigorous root development. It also contains calcium, which builds stronger cell walls and boosts the plant’s ability to fight off disease.

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Insta N 18-0-0

Insta Gro Liquid Fertilizers Fertilizer is made from pure stock and is heavy metal free unlike most cheap fertilizers are. This company has 57 years in research and development in crop protection and plant food research. They’re farms, on this program for over 50 years, have yields that out yield neighboring farms, both row crops and vegetables. All fertilizers are … Read More

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A mixture of bacteria that help break down crop residue. To use mix with Insta-cal, Insta-Sul and Super N. Ask for direction on use.

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Neptune’s Harvest “Rose & Flowering”

Rose & Flowering fertilizer was uniquely formulated for flowering plants to increase their vigor during flowering and to increase the volume and density of buds that produce healthy, vibrant flowers. Made with fresh fish, molasses, yucca extract, seaweed and humic acids our Rose & Flowering formula will ensure that your plants are healthy and happy, produce lush foliage and maximize … Read More

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Off The Vine

Off the Vine is a homogeneous natural granular blend of essential nitrogen

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All Neptune’s Harvest fish products work great in trickle or drip lines!

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Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food

Garden tip: Use Tiger Bloom® at the first sign of flowering at the rate of 2-3 teaspoons per gallon of water. It can also be used as a foliar fertilizer; just apply it to both sides of leaves early in the morning. To extend flowering or fruiting, add our Big Bloom® liquid fertilizer late in the season.

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