WATERMELONS Approximately 200 seeds per oz.
Note: PKT contains 10 seeds + 5 pollinator seeds . All larger size contain no pollinator.
Seedless watermelon have their likes and dislikes-likes and are just like a spoiled child if they do not get their way, they will not
germinate. Follow these steps to grow them. 1) DO NOT DIRECT PLANT SEEDS OUTDOORS or you are sure to fail.
Start seeds in Jiffy 7’s, Jiffy pots with a good soil substitute or in 50 cell Pro-trays. Place seed pointed end up. Cover
seed growing containers with a gro-dome or plastic wrap. Keep in light put out of direct sunlight or you will cook them.
Germinate at 80° to 90° for minimum of 60 hours. Above or below this temperature, their will not germinate. After plants
emerge, remove cover and place in sunlight. Grow at 60° to 70°. After plants have their 2nd true leaf, plant outdoors.
You will need 3-4 weeks from planting seeds indoors until it is time to transplant plants outdoors. If plants grow until they
reach the 4th leaf or more, through them out and start over as yield will be cut if plants are this large.
You will need 3,500 to 4,000 plants
per acre. HARVEST: Now here the fun begins!! There are 3 ways to tell when your watermelon is ripe: 1) tendril nearest
point of vine where fruit stem attaches is browning, 2) Spot where fruit rests on ground has turned yellow, 3) The classic
mystery you hear PLUNK ” verses ” PLINK or PLANK ” when you flick your finger. Good luck and enjoy!!!
1 oz seed/100′ row. 2-3 lbs seed per acre direct seeded or 3,500 transplants per acre.
PKT size: F1 or hybrids 25 seeds or 1/128 oz Rest about 50 seeds or about 1/4 oz.
All orders of 2 oz or more or 1,000 seeds or more, YOU MUST sign a WATERMELON RELEASE WAIVER
BEFORE YOUR ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED. There is no exception to this if you want your order filled.
A release waiver will be sent to you. Sign it and return it as soon as possible, your order will be held until


Pollinator   Ace 74 days Ace has long healthy vines that are low-growing to bring the male flowers into close proximity with the triploid, without creating competition. Fruit is small, grey-green, and brittle. Ace flowers early enough to pollinate any seedless.

not rated $25.00$740.00 Select options
Joy Ride F1

Note: PKT contains 10 seeds + 5 pollinator seeds . All larger size contain no pollinator.

not rated $12.00$1,285.30 Select options
Orange Crisp F1

92 days. Jubilee rind type melon in the 14-18 pound size.

not rated $7.70$785.70 Select options
Red Winner F1

85 days. If you want top yield with a good looking melon and excelllent flavorpound size.

not rated $5.80$557.80 Select options
Sweet Gem F1

78 days. A nearly black rind melon in the 15-16 lb range. Flesh is a deep red and flavorful sweet. Fruit is round in shape. Treated seed.

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Yellow Buttercup F1

90 days. Seedless.

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