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Deerfield Purple Garlic


Crop Failure this year

We get our garlic around mid-September. You may order before that.

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Very good. Warm, rich, initial moderate heat with a very nice garlic flavor.

Grows best in cool climates, as Rocamboles require a period of winter cold.  In warmer areas may get a good crop by cooling bulbs for a few weeks prior to planting, but note that plants grown in subsequent years are likely to be smaller (miniaturized) and to produce smaller bulbs.

Quite fussy unless grown in the correct climate. Scapes need to be removed before uncoiling in order to grow full size bulbs.

When first dug light purple blush or mottling on white. Inner wrappers are white. After curing skins are white with faint purple blush or mottling.
Skins are moderately coarse.

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