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Orange Blaze F1


68 days This early maturing bright orange bell pepper has a distinctly
sweet flavor and a high disease tolerance. Fruit is smaller but has more
marketable fruit. Treated

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All-America Selections is pleased to announce a sweet orange bell pepper as the newest AAS Winner for 2011. Although colored peppers can be difficult to grow, the new AAS Winner Orange Blaze F1 solves that problem. This variety proved itself a winner in AAS Trialing Grounds across North America due to early maturity, sweet flavor, and disease resistance. It matured to a beautiful orange color earlier than the comparisons. Expect very sweet flavor at full orange color about 65-70 days from transplant. Orange Blaze F1 produces 3 to 4-inch long fruits about 1 1/2 inches wide with 2-3 lobes. High resistance to diseases Xcv 0-3, 7, 8 -Bacterial Leaf Spot and Tm Po- Tobamovirus ensure a larger harvest.

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