Make Your Lists has been made to be easy as possible to use. This means you can use our website just like “a list”. When you browse, the shopping cart will remember the last ten things you looked at. The best way to use our site is to use the search box at the top of every page and then “add to cart” any item you like. Just click the “basket” at the top of every page and you can see a list of all the items you like are getting ready to purchase.

Eat What You Grow

Of course a lot of us eat what we end up growing. But help spread the word by telling us what you did to your recipe to make it so unique and delicious? Send us an email with the subject line “I Ate What I Grew” and if we accept your entry, we will list your recipe with the seeds that you purchased so that others may enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

Send Us Your Pictures

We want the proud growers of our seeds to send in pictures when and where convenient for us to share with other growers all around this great country of ours. Send us an email with your images attached with the subject line “Pictures” and if we accept your pictures, we will include them with the items you purchased so that others may enjoy and learn from your experiences.

We Ship Anywhere

For decades we have been reliably shipping all across the globe. If you have special needs contact us beforehand and let us see if we can accommodate your request. Otherwise, please order and choose your country and fill in the address. Shipping charges are calculated when we make your shipping label. If the charges are excessive, we can let you know.