PEPPERS Approximately 4,000 seeds per oz.
PLANTING: Start seeds indoors 7-8 weeks before transplanting outdoors. For a home garden use Jiffy 7’s or flats with
with inserts and a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Place 2-3 seeds per pot or cell. Keep soil moist, but not wet.
Germinate at 72°F. After seedlings emerge, reduce temperature to 70°F for the first 21 days. From the 22nd day on until
transplanted outdoors, reduce temperature to 60°F for strong healthy plants. Plants should receive as much sunlight as
possible. Plant outdoors as soon as soil has warmed up and all danger of frost is past. Place plants 12-18″ apart in a single
row or a double staggered row if planted on plastic mulch. Keep soil moist, but not wet. Do not let soil dry out, as peppers do
not forget and will short you on yield. HARVEST: Pick first peppers promptly when they reach full size or matured to full
color to encourage future fruit set. PKT size: F1 or seed count 25 seeds. Rest 150 seeds 1/16 oz. 9,000 plants per acre.

Aristotle X3R F1
Aristotle X3R F1

73 Days. Aristotle is a very widely used and very widely adaptable green to red

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Big Bertha F1

73 days. Very large sweet hybrid bell type pepper.

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California Wonder
California Wonder

75 days. Smooth, blocky, 3-4 loped, 3.

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Golden Calwonder

72 days. Very similar to California Wonder, exceptfruit turns a nice yellow color when mature.

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Grande F1

75 days.

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King Arthur F1

70 days. Produce high yields of blocky, 4 1/2″

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Lafayette F1

75 days. The large, blocky, fruit turns from green to yellow without streaking

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Mini Bell Blend

Miniature red, yellow and brown bell peppers with sweet thick flesh, 1″ size

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Orange King

90 days. Blocky, thick walled, 3-4 lobed.

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Purple Beauty

70 days. Short bushy plant has lots of leaves to protectfruit.

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Rainbow Bell Pepper Blend

A excellent blend of colorful peppers.

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Red Bull F1

75 days. Sweet bell, green to red.

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75 days. 5″x7″ fruit with thick walls.

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Sweet Banana

65 days. Fruits average 5.

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Sweet Cherry

78 days. Sweet, cherry shaped fruit is red in color when ripe.

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X3R Red Knight F1

57 days green, 77 days red.

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Yolo Wonder

78 days. Top quality sweet bell type pepper with wellshaped, blocky, 4 lobed, thick walled fruit.

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