PEANUTS about 500 seeds per pound
PLANTING: In late spring or early summer, deeply till soil. Enrich soil with compost, Bradfield fertilizer or any other fertilizers.
Shell peanuts. Place seeds 1-2″ deep, 6″ apart in a row spacing of 36-48″. After plants flower, ridge soil like you would potatoes.
HARVEST: Dig up plants before frost and hang plant up to cure in a cool, dry, breezy place. Peanuts can also be removed
from plant and dried on a flat surface. After peanuts have dried down, remove from plant. For salted peanuts, soak in salt
water overnight. Roast shell and all in a oven on a cookie sheet at 300°F. You must stir frequently to keep peanuts from burning.


VALENCIA 120 days.

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