SQUASH, SUMMER Approximately 300 seeds per oz.
PLANTING: Plant seeds in late spring or early summer. Place seed 1/2-1″ deep, 2-3 seeds per hill, spaced 2-3′ apart. After
emergence, thin to one healthy plant. Seed can also be planted in peat pots or Pro-trays and transplanted.
HARVEST: Pick squash regularly to ensure a steady supply. Best flavor when fruits are small, 4-6″ long and skin is still
tender and easily punctured with finger nail. Use in many ways.
SQUASH, WINTER HARVEST: Before heavy frost, cut stems at about 1″ from fruit when stem is drying and
skin of fruit is hard. If you can punch your thumb nail into skin, squash is not mature yet. Use fresh or store in a cool, dry
place for later use. If fruit becomes frosted, they store poorly.

You will need 2 oz of seeds per 100′ row or 4 lbs per acre. PKT size: about 30 seeds or 1/8 oz.

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