BROCCOLI Approximately 8,000 seed per OZ
PLANTING: Start seeds indoors, 4-6 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. Place seeds 1/4″ deep in Jiffy 7’s or
a flat with a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Keep moist. Germinate at 70F until emergence. Reduce
temperature to 60F. Seedlings need lots of sunshine to keep them from becoming long and leggy. Transplant
outdoors after all danger of frost is past. Space plants 12-18″ apart. HARVEST: Before flower buds open, cut
center head. Side shoots will keep on forming. Harvest those regularly to encourage continued production.
To plant an acre of broccoli you will need 10,000 to 12,000 plants.
PKT size 1/10 oz ( Hybrids 150 seeds/pkt rest 500 seeds/pkt) M= 1,000 seeds or about 3/16 oz.

Arcadia F1

ARCADIA F1 80 days.

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Avenger F1
Avenger F1

AVENGER F1 102 days.

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Castle Dome F1

65 days. Large, medium green, fine medium beaded head with good holding ability. Heat tolerant. Works great for fall. The compact, open plant produces uniform heads that are deep and domed with tight, small beads. Castle Dome has good resistance to hollow stem and brown bead. Treated seeds.

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Green Magic
Green Magic

60 days.

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Green Sprouting
Green Sprouting


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58 days. This early maturing broccoli produces a semi-dome, medium bead head. Works great in spring and will work in fall if planted after hot weather is gone. Seed maybe treated.

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