CARROTS Approximately 25,000 seeds per OZ.

PLANTING; Any deep, good fine soil will grow carrots. From early spring to mid-summer, you can plant
carrots. In fine, deeply tilled soil, direct sow seeds, 1/4-1/2″ deep, 1″ apart in a row or a band. Do not let soil
crust over until seedling emerge. You may what to plant some radishes with your carrots seeds, as they will
emerge earlier and help break up the crust. After emerge, thin seedling to 1-2″ apart. You will need 1/2 oz
per 100′ row or 3 pounds per acre.
HARVEST; Carrots can be dug anytime after they have a good bright orange color. This is the stage they develop their flavor. Use fresh, can, or freeze for later use.
PKT size: about 1/4 oz or 6200 seeds except Ingot F1 which contains about 1/16 oz. or about 1500 seeds.

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