approximately 16,000 sorghum seeds per pound.
Many different soils are used for the production of sweet sorghum, but a soil that has good physical characteristics and good fertility produces the best yield. In general, loam and sandy loam soils are best for the growth of sweet sorghum for syrup productionSweet sorghum should be seeded in 36-inch to 40-inch rows to make weed control and harvesting easier. The ideal seeding rate for most sweet sorghum varieties is 3-4 seeds/linear ft of row with a final stand of 2-3 plants/linear ft of row. If the sorghum is planted too thick, the canes will be spindly (less than 3/4-inch diameter) and yield less juice than the same tonnage of larger canes. Small areas of one acre or less can be seeded by hand or with a small garden seeder using the plate designed for carrot seed. For larger areas, corn planters with plates are best. Pre-punched plates that will seed at these low rates cannot be purchased. You can buy blank plates that fit your planter and drill holes for the size of your seed.
Fertilizer requirements for sweet sorghum depend on the fertility levels of the field in which it is grown. Soil tests should be taken to determine what kind and amounts of fertilizer should be used. Nitrogen is particularly needed on most soils and exerts the greatest effect on yields.

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