There are two different types of strawberries. June Bearers and Everbearers (Day Neutrals). June Bearers will produce one large crop lasting about 2 to 4 weeks in the spring. Everbearing strawberries can produce berries virtually all summer and fall up until frost, though the total volume of strawberries picked over an entire year seldom equals the volume picked from a plot of June Bearers. Modern varieties are good for all purposes – freezing, eating fresh, or cooking.

All strawberry plants are certified by California or Indiana State Agriculture Department to be disease free and true to variety.
Shipping weights: 25 plants 1 LB

NOTE STRAWBERRY PLANTS ARE AVAILABLE IN SPRING AND FALL ONLY. They will be shipped after March 22nd. and August 15th.

Crowns are usually available around Mid-March. We will begin taking orders around mid December and July and stop when we run out. In the comments section on the check out sheet, indicate when you would like delivery.

Number of strawberry plants required per acre.
Row spacing Spacing Plants per acre
3 foot 3″ 58000
4″ 43600
6″ 29000 For small gardens,
8″ 21800 order 7 plants per
12″ 14625 10 foot row.
4 foot 4″ 32370
6″ 21580
8″ 16190
12″ 10790
18″ 7300

Fertrell Berry Mix

Blueberries – Blueberries thrive in acidic soil within the 4.5 to 5.1 pH range. The lower pH makes it difficult for the plants to utilize phosphorous. We recommend a one time application from July thru Sept feeding of Holly Care 4-6-4 to provide a high phosphorous fertilizer with the sulfur, nutrients and acidity that blueberries need with plenty of time for the roots to absorb them. In the early spring before leafs are fully out, apply Fertrell Berry Mix 4-2-4 to give the plants a boost prior to leaf and berry production. Use of hardwood sawdust for mulch will reduce the nitrogen intake of your plants, so additional nitrogen may be required.

“Brambles” Raspberries, Blackberries, Black caps, etc – In March apply Aragonite followed by an April application of Berry Mix 4-2-4. Then in Aug thru Oct apply Berry Mix 4-2-4 once to allow nutrients to be absorbed in the plants roots and help set the plants for heavy spring production.

Strawberries – Fertilize strawberries after the last harvest with Berry Mix 4-2-4 one time between July thru September before you mulch the plants. The fertilizer will more readily available to the plant roots if allowed to be absorbed directly into the soil while protected by the mulch. A spring application of Fertrell Liquid #3 applied on top of the mulch at a ratio of 75 parts water to 1 part fish will give the plants a boost prior to berry production and help wash the nutrients built up in the mulch to the plants.

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This variety is highly tolerant of the virus diseases common in California; and is moderately susceptible to leaf rot. Produces more berries than Albion which are typically juicier but smaller.

Best In Zones 4 – 8
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Prices strawberries plants. You can mix or match
in lots of 25 for best price.


2020 crop failure

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