Black Turtle Bean

90 days The classic black soup bean that has been popular in the south for many years. This bush type has half runner plants with pods that snap easily when picked early or then you can let them dry on the vine. Untreated seed

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Broad Windsor Fava bean
Broad Windsor Fava bean

75 days. a favorite for Mediterranean cooking.

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Dark Red Kidney

95 days. Good old fashion baking bean.

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Dwarf Horticultural Taylor

60 days. Great for a green shell bean.

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Great Northern bean

95 days. A very popular bakingor soup bean.

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Inoculant in a Shaker Can

Each 2.3 oz package treats a 40 foot row.

Each 8.7 oz can will treat 150 of row.

Each 1.5 oz  package treats up to 8 pounds of seed.

Gardening soil inoculants are a type of bacteria added to the soil to “seed” the soil. In other words, a small amount of bacteria is added when using pea and bean inoculants so it can multiply and become a large amount of bacteria.The kind of bacteria used for legume inoculants is Rhizobium leguminosarum, which is a nitrogen fixing bacteria. These bacteria “infect” the legumes growing in the soil and cause the legumes to form the nitrogen fixing nodules that make peas and beans the nitrogen powerhouses they are.

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Navy bean

95 days. Sturdy, robust plants produces mammoth yields of small, pure white beans.

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Nitryx SP
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria – Paenibacillus polymyxa strain NCTC10343
  • Nitryx SP is a biological inoculant for greenhouse, nursery, outdoor agriculture production and residential application
  • Fixates atmospheric nitrogen for plants
  • Reduces nitrogen use by 12-15% while still increasing yield
  • Water soluble powder
  • Labeled for foliar spray: 3-12 oz in 50-100 gallons of water, reapply every 7-14 days
        soil drench: 2-4 oz/100 gallons of water
    seed treatment: dust on, spray or slurry at a rate of 1-6 oz/cwt seed
  • Can be tank mixed with chemicals, biologicals or fertilizers
  • Registered as a soil amendment in most states
  • 2 year + shelf life
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Pinto Bean

85 days. Light buff, speckled, brownish red bean.

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63 days. Drought tolerant vigorous 10 vine produce, dark green, 8″ pods with streaks of purple. Very fine flavor. Untreated seeds.

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