Asparagus Green Podded

This plant is of a different genus from the common bean. It is a vigorous climbing annual vine

The pods, which can begin to form just 60 days after sowing, hang in groups of two or more. They are best for vegetable use if picked before they reach full maturity; however, overlooked pods can be used like dry beans in soups. When harvesting, it is important not to pick the buds which are above the beans, since the plant will set many more beans on the same stem. The plants take longer to reach maturity than bush beans, but once producing, the beans are quick-growing and daily checking/harvesting is often a necessity. The plants produce beans until frost.

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Blue Lake bush 274-org

58 days. Dark green, round pods are up to 6″ long.

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Blue Lake FM1F pole – org

62 days. Noted for it’s fresh,sweet beanie taste.

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Contender – org

48 days. Popular and widely adaptive.

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Golden Wax-org

55 days. 5-7″ long bright yellow, round, straight pods that are stringless.

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Inoculant in a Shaker Can

Each 2.3 oz package treats a 40 foot row.

Each 8.7 oz can will treat 150 of row.

Each 1.5 oz  package treats up to 8 pounds of seed.

Gardening soil inoculants are a type of bacteria added to the soil to “seed” the soil. In other words, a small amount of bacteria is added when using pea and bean inoculants so it can multiply and become a large amount of bacteria.The kind of bacteria used for legume inoculants is Rhizobium leguminosarum, which is a nitrogen fixing bacteria. These bacteria “infect” the legumes growing in the soil and cause the legumes to form the nitrogen fixing nodules that make peas and beans the nitrogen powerhouses they are.

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Kentucky Wonder Pole – org

65 days. 7-8″ long pods are borne in clusters.

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Light Red Kidney – org

95 days. Good old fashion baking bean.

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Midori Giant Soybean

90 days. This large, bright yellow soybean is considered one of the best edamame on the market. It is widely adapted in all regions of the US. Untreated, certified organic seed.

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50 days. Early variety that is a good yielder regardless of weather.

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Royal Purple Pod

57 days. The best of the Progress type peas.

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54 days. Nearly round, dark green, tender and stringless pods are 5-6″ long with a rich bean flavor.

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