HotKaps King Size

The Original Hotkap King Size 11″ dia. X 9 1/2″ high HotKaps keep out frost, rain, wind and insects – and protect the seedling or tiny plant until it is well rooted in the ground and growing. HotKaps are wax paper cones, placed over seed or transplanted plants. Each one is a small hothouse, to speed development as well as … Read More

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Rollerhook Frame
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Rollerhook Spool
Rollerhook Spool

Pack of 10 spools

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Tomato Hook w/Twine

Tomato Hook This stainless steel twine holder comes with 30′ of twine (6′ of freefall twine). You can wind your own by hand during the off season. The Tomahook measures 8.6″ long and hangs from your overhead support wire. One turn lowers the plants the correct distance. Will hold up to 30′ of twine.

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