A natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control and broad plant applications. It contains Azadirachtin A & B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids from its special technology & does not use hard chemical solvents. Azamax is an anti feedant & insect growth regulator that controls pests through starvation & growth disruption. It effectively controls … Read More

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Assail provides unique translaminar activity and control of sucking and chewing insects. When used alone or as part of a resistance management program, this product is effective at controlling insects at all stages. Widely regarded as one of the most versatile insecticides on the market today, Assail can be used on a broad range of crops – from tree crops … Read More

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Active ingredient; 60% imidacloprid. Nursery & greenhouse insecticide that controls the most common insect problems. Knocks down some of the most pervasive pests. Controls white grub larvae, aphids, mealybugs & other common insects. Up to 12 weeks of systemic activity. 3.53 oz.

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Bonide Citrus, Fruit, & Nut 1/2 Gallon

This all natural, all in one, insect and disease control concentrate is perfect for the organic grower. Great for citrus, fruit and nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, houseplants and lawns. 2 1/2 oz/gallon. Contains: Sulfur and Pyrethrins.

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Bonide Colorado Beetle BEETLE BEATER π

Formulation: Spinosad .5% Controls the tough Colorado potato beetle larvae, as well as selected leaf beetle larvae and adults naturally. Not for sale in AK,AZ, CA, CO, HI,ID,MT, NM,NV,OR,UT, & WA Pint size

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Bonide EIGHT Garden Dust

Bonide EIGHT® GARDEN DUST Contains Permethrin 0.

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Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Quart

A natural repellent for use on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.. One application can last up to 4 weeks.

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Bonide Rose Rx


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Borer, Bagworm Spray Pint

Formulation: Spinosad Insects controlled: On vegetables, fruit and citrus: Kills leafminers, borers, leaf rollers, thrips, worm (caterpillars) Colorado Potato beetle and other listed insects. On lawns & ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers. Kills armyworms, sod webworms, cat flies, loopers, bagworms, tent caterpillars and other listed insects. Rate of use is 4 tablespoons per gallon. Limited to supply on hand.

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Benefits of CapSil include:

  • Uniform spreading and coverage of all foliar applied products

  • Reduced instances of wilt and disease

  • Safe to use – no concerns of leaf burn

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Country Vet Farm & Dairy

CV-80D Farm and Dairy Fly Spray

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Diatomaceous Earth

DIATOMACEOUS EARTHA natural contact insecticide that works by causing abrasions on insects

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Dipel Dust 4#


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If continuously spraying for insects is an increasing problem, you might want to take a critical look at Discus® Tablets from OHP. Discus Tablets deliver imidacloprid to the root zone in a unique delivery system. Imidacloprid in a tablet form with fertilizer, 12-9-4. 1200 tablets per container

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Entrust® SC Naturalyte® Insect Control, listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production, provides the performance organic growers have come to trust, but in a new liquid formulation. Produced through the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil bacterium, spinosad, the active ingredient in Entrust SC, provides control of insects such as worms, thrips and leafminers. … Read More

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Fly Ribbon


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Fruit Tree Spray 1/2 Gallon

Formulation: 6% Malathion, 0.3% Carbaryl & 12% Captan. A complete liquid fruit tree spray containing Captan, Malathion, Carbaryl and a spreader sticker. Simple to use. No plugged nozzles. As little as 1 1/2 tablespoons per application. Excellent for home orchard.

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