CANTALOUPE Approximately 1,000 seeds per OZ.

PLANTING: In late spring after soil has warmed up to 65-70F, till soil. Enrich soil by tilling in compost or
fertilizer. Place seeds 1/2″ deep, 24″ apart in a row spacing of 4-6′. Seeds can also be started indoors
in 50 or 72 cell Pro-trays or Jiffy 7’s and transplanted. If transplanted, it will take 6,000 plants per acre.
HARVEST: Melons are ready to pick when the gray-green colored skin turns a buff-yellow color and can
easily pull from vine with slight thumb pressure. PKT size. F1 or hybrids 25 seeds or 0.9 gram/ 1/128 oz
Rest 150-200 seeds or 3.5 grams or 1/8 oz.

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