SQUASH, SUMMER Approximately 300 seeds per oz.
PLANTING: Plant seeds in late spring or early summer. Place seed 1/2-1″ deep, 2-3 seeds per hill, spaced 2-3′ apart. After
emergence, thin to one healthy plant. Seed can also be planted in peat pots or Pro-trays and transplanted.
HARVEST: Pick squash regularly to ensure a steady supply. Best flavor when fruits are small, 4-6″ long and skin is still
tender and easily punctured with finger nail. Use in many ways.
You will need 2 oz of seeds per 100′ row or 4 lbs per acre. PKT size: about 30 seeds or 1/8 oz.

Black Zucchini
Black Zucchini

58 days. Most popular home garden variety.

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Early Straightneck Prolific
Early Straightneck Prolific

50 days. Plants are very prolific, leafy bushy, bearing tapered 10″ X 3″ fruit, lemon in color.

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Early White Bush Scallop
Early White Bush Scallop

53 days. Pale green, rather flat fruitturns creamy white when mature.

5 out of 5
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Golden Glory F1

GOLDEN GLORY F1 50 days.

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Golden Summer Crookneck
Golden Summer Crookneck

50 days. A very meaty summer squash.

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GREYZINI F1 47 days.

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Jackpot F1

JACKPOT F1 42 days.

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Payroll F1

PAYROLL F1 45 days.

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Sebring F1

SEBRING F1 43 days.

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Spineless Beauty F1


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Spineless Perfection F1

Comparable to Spineless Beauty in shape with more refined speckling and good green color. Spineless plants promote less damage at harvest time.

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Sunburst F1

50 days. 4-5″ diameter, soft skinned yellow fruits with a buttery flavor.

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