2-N-1 Systemic
2-N-1 Systemic

2-N-1 Systemic (32 oz)

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Quart Berry Boxes
Berry Boxes

Fiber Green in color. Made of fiber pulp. case of 250

A clamshell is a one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close. Clamshells are often made of a shaped plastic material, in a way that is similar to a blister pack.

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Espoma Organic Seed Starter

For All Potted Plants A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®. All natural seed starting mix For all seedlings and cuttings. Promotes Root Growth Improves moisture retention

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Guard n Eyes
Guard n Eyes

GUARD’N EYES Bird scaring balloon has “eyes” that scare away pests

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Holographic Scare Tape
Holographic Scare Tape

HOLOGRAPHIC SCARE TAPE Reflective scarecrow tape with moving circular holograms

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Home Collection

Contains our Dainty but Tough Garden Hoe (40G), the 40S Scuffle Hoe, and the Short “Do It All” hoe(65VW). The perfect collection for the serious gardener.

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Jiffy 7’s

JIFFY 7® PELLETS Pot and sterile planting mix all in one handy pellet!


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Kick Away Boot Cleaner

Get the dirt and mud off of your shoes and boots before you get yelled at.

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Pyramid Garden

Also included is its own sprinkler. 5 lb.

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This product is ready to spray onto the tomato plants to help
correct blossom end rot caused by calcium deficiency.
1 qt

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Season Starter

Extends the growing season, plant earlier and harvest later. Protects planted from frost damage with water filled insulation blanket. Ideal for all plants such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, etc. Easy fill design, no need to fill single cells. Reusable. 18″ high X 17″ diameter. Similar to wall-o-water

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Std 1 lb

Holds 1 heaping dry quart

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Tomato Watering Tray
Tomato Watering Tray


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Trellis Netting

Tenax Hortonova is strong and versatile polypropylene mesh designed for growers as a gentle and more efficient support which helps increase yields by providing greater exposure to sunlight and air circulation for climbing vegetable as well as a support for flowers. Due to its durability and practical natures, Tenax Hortonova is now being used by many agriculturalists and floriculturists. Tenax Hortonova fully satisfies the requirements of a variety of growing techniques, both vertical and horizontal. 48″ and 59″ wide

Trellis Netting
Heavy duty nylon netting ideal for growing tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and vine crops on. Harvesting is easy with the 7″ reach through mesh. 5′ wide

Protects fruits, berries and vegetables from thieving birds and other garden pests. Durable 3/4″ polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors for longer life of netting. Easy to use. 14′ wide by 75′ long.

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