2-N-1 Systemic
2-N-1 Systemic

2-N-1 Systemic (32 oz)

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6 oz Berry box

6oz berry box

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9 Quart SS pail

9 Quart SS pail

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Use for bacterial leaf rot on philodendron, bacterial spot on tomatoes and peppers, bacterial stem rot on dieffenbachia cuttings, bacterial wilt on chrysanthemums, fire blight on pears and apples, wildfire and blue mod on tobacco. REI 12 hours. 2 lb size.

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Anchoring Pins

U shaped pins are sharpened on ends for easy installing into soil.

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Bird-X Protective Netting
Bird-X Protective Netting

BIRD-X PROTECTIVE NETTING Protects fruits, berries and vegetables

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Bluebird Compost

Locally produced compost made from materials such as wood chips, sawdust, chicken litter, horse bedding and etc. Contains no lawn clipping or sewer sludge. Contains no heavy metals 1 cubic ft bag. OMRI listed.

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Dry Pint Berry Box

Plastic clam shell type.

Dry pint Berry box. 480 per case

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E-Zee Planter

Planting through plastic or paper mulch? Tried of bending over to plant? If  you answered any of the questions above with a yes, then this E-ZEE Planter is for you. Just add a mason jar and seeds, and away you go planting. No need to open a row. Let the planter do it for you. E-ZEE to use. Position planter … Read More

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Espoma Organic Seed Starter

For All Potted Plants A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®. All natural seed starting mix For all seedlings and cuttings. Promotes Root Growth Improves moisture retention

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Frame support

Frame support for net or plastic cover. # 1207k/p> 0

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Guard n Eyes
Guard n Eyes

GUARD’N EYES Bird scaring balloon has “eyes” that scare away pests

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Harvest Basket

Full 1 bushel size that is easy to carry because of its concave formed sides.

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Hi-Yield Grass Killer

POAST is a selective, broad spectrum, postemergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds. Poast does not control sedges or broadleaf weeds.

Essentially, all grass crops, such as sorghum, corn, small grains, and rice, as well as ornamental grasses, such as bermuda and other turf grasses, are susceptible to POAST.

This product takes out grass.

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Holographic Scare Tape
Holographic Scare Tape

HOLOGRAPHIC SCARE TAPE Reflective scarecrow tape with moving circular holograms

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Home Collection

Contains our Dainty but Tough Garden Hoe, the 40S Scuffle Hoe, and the Short “Do It All” hoe. The perfect collection for the serious gardener. Choice of 54″ or 60″ handles.

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HotKaps – Regular Size

HotKaps Frost Protection  – Regular Size HotKaps keep out frost, rain, wind and insects – and protect the seedling or tiny plant until it is well rooted in the ground and growing. HotKaps are wax paper cones, placed over seed or transplanted plants. Each one is a small hothouse, to speed development as well as protect. HotKaps make for a … Read More

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Jiffy 7’s

JIFFY 7® PELLETS Pot and sterile planting mix all in one handy pellet!


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Kick Away Boot Cleaner

Get the dirt and mud off of your shoes and boots before you get yelled at.

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Leaf Sheen
Leaf Sheen

Use on leaves of potted plants.

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Mancozeb® with Zinc 37.0%. A broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentals. Controls leaf spot, downy mildew, blights, anthracnose botrytis and other listed diseases. Use 2-5 tps/gallon. 8 ounces or Pint

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Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

Quick color for porches, fences or trellises.

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Now there is no need to bend over to pick up your pecans, English walnuts, black walnuts, apples, sweet gum balls, tennis or golf balls. Just roll this handy Nut Wizard over them and let it do the picking up. When full, just dump it out into a 5 gallon pail with the wire dumper. Small – Pecans or similar … Read More

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