PUMPKINS Approximately 100 seeds per OZ.
CULTURE: 100 to 120 days before expected fall frost date, it’s time to plant your pumpkin seeds. Here in Missouri, that
is the first part of June. Enrich soil with plenty of compost, well aged animal manure or fertilizer. Pumpkins are heavy feeders
and need lots of nutrients. Place 2-3 seeds, 1-1.5″ deep, 2-3′ apart in a row spacing of 8′ to 12′. For larger plantings, an
Earthway seeder with a lima bean plate works just fine. Pumpkins can also be planted wit an IHC air planter. After emerge,
control cucumber beetles, squash bugs and weeds. To grow that giant, blue ribbon winner, here is what you do: 1) You
need lots of sweat . 2) Dig out a large area up to 10′ and 2-3′ deep, 3) Fill the hole half way with a good compost or well aged
animal manure, not poultry 4) Mix remaining soil half and half with compost or aged animal manure and fill hole heaping full.
5) Start pumpkin plants in a large pot, 3″ or larger and transplant pumpkin plant on top of mound. Keep moist but not wet.
Control cucumber beetles, squash bugs and weeds. Pick out the nicest one on the vine and remove the rest. After your
pumpkin gets to a large size, you will need to provide it with shade. At this stage, the sun can cause your pumpkin to
explode if not shaded. HARVEST: Before frost or after vines have started to die and pumpkins have a nice color, cut off
pumpkin as close to vine as you can. This way you have a handle to carry it with. Please note, on large pumpkins, do not
carry them by the stem or it will break off. Use for fall display or for eating. Pumpkins will store well store in a cool, dry place
for a long time if they have not been exposed to a frost or disease. You will need 2 oz seed per 100′ row or 3 lb for an acre.
PKT size: Atlantic Giant & Prizewinner, 10 seeds or 1/10 oz Rest 30-50 seeds or about 3/8 oz.


105 days. Also called Rouge Vif D’etampes.

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100 days. Bright orange skin.

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Small Sugar

108 days. Sweet, fine textured flesh makes the very best pies.

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Spookie F1

105 days. 5-6# improved pie pumpkin.

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