CELERY Approximately 60,000 seeds per oz
Start seeds indoors, 10-12 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Use Jiffy 7’s, peat pots or a flat with inserts and
a good soil substitute like Berger BM-2. Place seeds 1/16″ deep. Germinate at 65-70F for 14-21 days. After
emergence reduce temperature to 60-65F until transplanted outdoors. Space plants 6-8″ apart in a row.
HARVEST: For a blanched heart, wrap celery plants with newspaper several weeks before cutting. Cut low, right
above roots. Remove field heat by dunking in cold water in hot weather. Use fresh or store for later use. Store at
34-38F and 95-98% humidity if possible. It takes 34,000 transplants per acre. PKT size 1/16 oz. 3500 seeds

Golden Self Blanching

Crop Failure for 2020


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Tall Utah 52-70

TALL UTAH 52-70 120 days.

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