HEAT UNITS: The measure of Capsaicin was developed by a man with the name of Scoville, thus its name. Scoville Heat
Units ( SHU ) like all subjective scales, it is only a guide as many things have an effect on it. Cool weather produces milder
peppers and high night time temperature has the greatest effect on increasing the heat in peppers. Also a red chili is usually
milder then its green counterpart. Drying also increases the heat by 10 to 11 fold.

PEPPERS Approximately 4,000 seeds per oz.
PLANTING: Start seeds indoors 7-8 weeks before transplanting outdoors. For a home garden use Jiffy 7’s or flats with
with inserts and a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Place 2-3 seeds per pot or cell. Keep soil moist, but not wet.
Germinate at 72°F. After seedlings emerge, reduce temperature to 70°F for the first 21 days. From the 22nd day on until
transplanted outdoors, reduce temperature to 60°F for strong healthy plants. Plants should receive as much sunlight as
possible. Plant outdoors as soon as soil has warmed up and all danger of frost is past. Place plants 12-18″ apart in a single
row or a double staggered row if planted on plastic mulch. Keep soil moist, but not wet. Do not let soil dry out, as peppers do
not forget and will short you on yield. HARVEST: Pick first peppers promptly when they reach full size or matured to full
color to encourage future fruit set. PKT size: F1 or seed count 25 seeds. Rest 150 seeds 1/16 oz. 9,000 plants per acre.

Anaheim Chili

80 days. Mildly hot.

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Ancho 101

76 days. Dark green fruits grow to about 5″ long andare heart shaped.

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Ghost pepper (BHUT JOLOKIA)

100 days. The sneaky super hot pepper! Produces a wrinkled 2″ x 1″ fruit that starts green turning to red. SHU: 1,000,000 units. Please note this pepper seed is hard to germinate and may take up to 30 days. Untreated seeds.

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90 days. SUPER HOT!!! SHU of 280,000 units!

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Hungarian Wax Hot

65 days. Banana shaped fruits are 3-4″ long and up to2″ diameter.

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Jalafuego F1

70 days This extremely hot jalapeno pepper produces large yields of fruit that is extra large with a tapered end. It is resistant to various diseases. Untreated seed.

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Jalapeno M
Jalapeno M

75 days. Moderately thick flesh of a deep green colorturning to a deep red color when mature.

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Long Red Cayenne
Long Red Cayenne

70 days. Long, slender red peppers no thicker than apencil.

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Scotch Bonnet Orange

95-105 days. This attractive yellowish orange hot pepper is used in traditional Caribbean cooking. It has a shocking amount of heat (200000 Scoville heat units) and a wonderful, unique aroma. Please use caution when using this one while cooking. Untreated seed.

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Serrano Chili

75 days. Shaped like a small Jalapeno.

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Spicy Slice

65 days       Spicy Slice produces extra-large, long fruit on vigorous, prolific plants with good cover. This variety is early maturing and has wide adaptability throughout the U.S. The fruit mature from mid dark green to red, are firm, smooth, very slow to check, slices well and has mid pungency and good flavor. It has application in both the fresh and … Read More

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