AC Greenfix PVP
AC Greenfix PVP

AC Greenfix is a new annual legume in the United States

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Pollinator   Ace 74 days Ace has long healthy vines that are low-growing to bring the male flowers into close proximity with the triploid, without creating competition. Fruit is small, grey-green, and brittle. Ace flowers early enough to pollinate any seedless.

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Ace 55
Ace 55

80 days. Vigorous, semi-determinate typeplant with good foliage cover

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57 days. In a hurry for fresh garden peas before the hot weather gets here?

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All American

105 days. Smooth, 10-12″ X 3″ across roots with a hollow crown.

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Amaranth Red Garnet
Amaranth Red Garnet


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Ambrosia F1

AMBROSIA F1 86 days.

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Ambrosia F1 SE
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Ambrosia F1 SE - untreated
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American Purple Top

90 days. Smooth, globular roots are 5-6″ across

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Amish Deer Tongue
Amish Deer Tongue

46 days. A strain of the beautiful variegated crinkly red/green leaves that are very tender.

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Amish Paste
Amish Paste

74 days. 6-8 oz, flavorful, red paste typetomato.

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Anaheim Chili

80 days. Mildly hot.

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Ancho 101

76 days. Dark green fruits grow to about 5″ long andare heart shaped.

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Anise is sweet and very aromatic, distinguished by its characteristic flavor.

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Anna Russian

70 days. Produces extra large 1 lb fruit thatare pink-red, heart shaped and juicyfleshed

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Aphrodite F1

APHRODITE F1 80 days.

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Appalachian F1

110 days. Extra large, up to 40#, deep orange pumpkins with darkgreen stem handles.

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Appin Forage Turnip

These turnips were bred for fast, vigorous establishment
and quick maturity.

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Applause F1 SG
Applause F1 SG

APPLAUSE F1 SG 75 days.

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Arcadia F1

ARCADIA F1 80 days.

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Argent F1 SE
Argent F1 SE

86 days. A white version of the famous Incredible.

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Aristotle X3R F1

73 Days. Aristotle is a very widely used and very widely adaptable green to red

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Arkansas Traveler

85 days. An old reliable variety developedby Arkansas University.

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Armenian White

The Armenian cucumber, Cucumis melo var. flexuosus, is a type of long, slender fruit which tastes like a cucumber and looks somewhat like a cucumber inside. It is actually a variety of muskmelon. The Armenian cucumber grows approximately 30 to 36 inches long. It grows equally well on the ground or on a trellis. Armenian cucumber plants prefer to grow … Read More

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