PLANTING: Plant in early spring as soon as soil can be worked up. Young pea plants can tolerate a frost. Work up soil until
fine. For increase in yield, add Bradfield fertilizer at 5 lbs per 100′ plus some lime. Coat pea seeds with a pea inoculant. Place
seeds 1″ deep, 1.5-2″ apart in a row spacing of 30-36″. Taller types will need support. Keep weed free for best results.
HARVEST: Pick pods when seeds have enlarged in pod, before sides bulge. Hold vines while picking to avoid tearing off vine.
Use fresh, can or freeze. You will need 2 lb per 100′ row or 120 lb per acre.


57 days. In a hurry for fresh garden peas before the hot weather gets here?

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Bean & Pea Inoculant
Bean & Pea Inoculant

Gardening soil innoculants are a type of bacteria added to the soil to GǣseedGǥ the soil.

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Black Eyed Pea

57 days. Heavy yields of smooth 6-7″ long podsare packed full of creamy peas with a blackeye.

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69 days. One of the best freezer peas on themarket.

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67 days. This 30″ vine produces thick podded

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Dwarf Gray Sugar Untreated

65 days. Vines are heavily branched andvery productive.

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Dwarf White Sugar

66 days. Thin, flat pods are about 3″ long

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Early Frosty Treated

63 days. Very Popular.

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Early Frosty Untreated

63 days. Very Popular. Dependable. 26-30″vines have the pods near the top for easypicking. Great yields of 3-3.5″ pods are filledwith 6-8 medium sized, sweet, tender peaseach. Good tasting fresh, canned or frozen. Aimproved Little Marvel type. K

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Granulated Inoculant
Granulated Inoculant


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Green Arrow

69 days. Very heavy yields of slim, straightpods packed with 9-11 small, deep greenpeas each.

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Improved Maestro

57 days. The best of the Progress type peas.

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Inoculant in a Shaker Can
Inoculant in a Shaker Can

INOCULANT IN A SHAKER CAN! Easy to apply and no dirty, black hands either.

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67 days. Sweetest & tenderest pea of themall! 3-3.

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Little Marvel

63 days. 18-20″ vines.

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Mammoth Melting Sugar

70 days. Later and taller type, 48-54″ vinesbare 4-5″ long, 3/4″ wide pods

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Nitryx SP
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria – Paenibacillus polymyxa strain NCTC10343
  • Nitryx SP is a biological inoculant for greenhouse, nursery, outdoor agriculture production and residential application
  • Fixates atmospheric nitrogen for plants
  • Reduces nitrogen use by 12-15% while still increasing yield
  • Water soluble powder
  • Labeled for foliar spray: 3-12 oz in 50-100 gallons of water, reapply every 7-14 days
        soil drench: 2-4 oz/100 gallons of water
    seed treatment: dust on, spray or slurry at a rate of 1-6 oz/cwt seed
  • Can be tank mixed with chemicals, biologicals or fertilizers
  • Registered as a soil amendment in most states
  • 2 year + shelf life
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Oregon Sugar Pod II

68 days. An early snowpea with a 24-30″vine

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Pink Eyed Purple Hulled

49 days. The best with excellent flavor.

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Progress #9

62 days. 6-8 large peas per pod.

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Spring PVP

57 days. Pods average 3″ long and arefilled with 6-7 medium sized sweet peaseach.

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Sugar Ann

56 days. A short vine version of the famousSugar Snap pea!

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Sugar Snap

70 days. Fleshy, 3″ long, dark green podsare tender and can be used raw in salads

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Sugar Sprint PVP

60 days. Very productive, 18-24″ vinesproduce crisp, 2.

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Top Pick Pinkeye


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