We strive to bring you a choice of high quality tools. They don’t break the first time they get used hard.

E-Zee Planter

Planting through plastic or paper mulch? Tried of bending over to plant? If  you answered any of the questions above with a yes, then this E-ZEE Planter is for you. Just add a mason jar and seeds, and away you go planting. No need to open a row. Let the planter do it for you. E-ZEE to use. Position planter … Read More

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Earthway Seeder
Earthway Seeder

Standard Seed plates included with the 1001-B are: 18100 Sweet Corn, 18101 Radish, Leeks, Spinach, 18102 Carrots, Lettuce, Turnips, 18103 Beans, Small Peas, 18104 Jumbo Peas, 18105 Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard.

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Earthway Seeder Parts

Repair and Optional Earthway Parts Belt Pulley Front wheel Rear wheel Row marker assembly Ground opener Complete seed hopper Seed chute Seed plate storage bag

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Earthway Seeder Plates

Extra or Replacement Seeder Plates Seeder comes with Sweet Corn, Pea, Carrot, Bean, Radish, and Beet plates. Set of the 6 above Set of 5 -Broccoli, Lettuce, Lima Bean, Cucumber, and Popcorn Individual Plates SWEET CORN PEA CARROT plate plants the following, lettuce, turnips, cabbage, endive, onions, tomato. BEAN RADISH plate, will also plant, leeks, spinach, asparagus. BEETS will also … Read More

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EV-N-SPRED Model # 2700America’s finest over the shoulder broadcast spreader is here!

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Fogg-It Nozzle

All bronze. Gives a fine mist, for a great aid in watering cuttings and delicate seedlings.

Made in the U.S.A. from solid brass. 3/4 hose threads.

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Frame support

Frame support for net or plastic cover. # 1207k/p> 0

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Harvest Basket

Full 1 bushel size that is easy to carry because of its concave formed sides.

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Home Collection

Contains our Dainty but Tough Garden Hoe, the 40S Scuffle Hoe, and the Short “Do It All” hoe. The perfect collection for the serious gardener. Choice of 54″ or 60″ handles.

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HotKaps – Regular Size

HotKaps Frost Protection  – Regular Size HotKaps keep out frost, rain, wind and insects – and protect the seedling or tiny plant until it is well rooted in the ground and growing. HotKaps are wax paper cones, placed over seed or transplanted plants. Each one is a small hothouse, to speed development as well as protect. HotKaps make for a … Read More

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HOZON Attaches to hose and faucet.

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Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer

The Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer makes watering your plants a breeze. This single-station analog timer attaches directly to your garden hose and automatically controls sprinklers, drip systems or soaker systems. It features two simple dials that allow gardeners to set the frequency of watering from 1 hour to 1 week, and the run time from 1 minute to 2 hours. … Read More

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Kentucky High Wheel Cultivator


5 tine assembly new style
5 tine plate only
Tine finger
Furrow plow
Hilling plow
Slicing Hoe Attachment

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Kick Away Boot Cleaner

Get the dirt and mud off of your shoes and boots before you get yelled at.

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Peck Basket

1 Peck size wooden basket for sales or display.

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Produce Tray

Blue tray  23.5″ L x 15.5 w x 5″ tall – 3 lbs.

Red tray  24″ L x 16″ w x 8″ tall – 4 lbs.

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Pyramid Garden

Also included is its own sprinkler. 5 lb.

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Radius scoop

If you’ve ever spent much time working in good, nicely turned soil you’ve probably wished for a tool that was bigger than a trowel, but smaller than a shovel. That’s where the Ergonomic Scooper comes in handy. Use it like a giant trowel for working garden soil and in raised beds. Use it too for mixing soil in the potting … Read More

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Soil Test Kits

Quick, cheap soil tests for home gardens.

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Water Testing Kits

Made for testing fish pond water or greenhouse.

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