WATERMELONS Approximately 200 seeds per oz.
CULTURE: In early summer, till soil. Sow 2-3 seeds, 1/2-1″ deep, 18-24″ apart in a row spacing of 4-5′. After emergence, thin to 1 healthy plant per hill. Keep soil moist and weed free. Seeds can also be started indoors in Pro-trays or similar pots. Place 2 seeds per pot. Germinate at 75-80F. Transplant outdoors after plants have 3 true leaves. You will need 3,500 to 4,000 plants per acre. HARVEST: Now here the fun begins!! There are 3 ways to tell when your watermelon is ripe: 1) tendril nearest point of vine where fruit stem attaches is browning, 2) Spot where fruit rests on ground has turned yellow, 3) The classic mystery you hear PLUNK ” verses ” PLINK or PLANK ” when you flick your finger. Good luck and enjoy!!!
1 oz seed/100′ row. 2-3 lbs seed per acre direct seeded or 3,500 transplants per acre.

PKT size: F1 or hybrids 25 seeds or 1/128 oz Rest about 50 seeds or about 1/4 oz.
All orders of 2 oz or more or 1,000 seeds or more, YOU MUST sign a WATERMELON RELEASE WAIVER BEFORE YOUR ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED. There is no exception to this if you want your order filled.
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Black Diamond
Black Diamond

95 days. Large melon with a glossy, solid blackgreen rind.

not rated $1.30$15.00 Select options
Carolina Cross

95 days. Worlds largest watermelonvariety, up to 262 lbs.

not rated $4.50$139.00 Select options
Charleston Gray
Charleston Gray

85 days. Oblong shape with a light green rindwith dark stripes.

not rated $1.30$15.00 Select options
Crimson Sweet
Crimson Sweet

85 days. Most popular melon grown.

not rated $1.40$20.00 Select options
Desert King

85 days. Very drought tolerant. Has a pea green rind. Flesh is a deep rich yellow with grayish-black seeds. Will not sunburn. Treated seeds.

not rated $1.40$18.50 Select options
Jade Star

75 days. Improved Sugar Baby type with more uniform,sweeter, redder flesh.

not rated $4.40$395.30 Select options
Jubilee Improved
Jubilee Improved

90-95 days to mature.

not rated $1.30$17.00 Select options
Legacy PVP

85 days This open pollinated watermelon has beautiful dark green striped rind with firm red flesh that holds up well for a longer harvest. The fruit averages 22-25 pounds with nice round ends thus reducing the number of culls. A very productive plant that is an excellent shipper. Untreated.

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Moon & Stars
Moon & Stars

95 days. Legendary variety rediscovered in ruralMissouri.

not rated $2.90$63.00 Select options

87 days. Great taste and sweetness combined with good fieldperformance for overall desirability.

not rated $4.50$408.70 Select options
Star Gazer F1

85 days. Allsweet type. Melon is elongated in shape. Rind has dark stripes with a light green background. Flesh is bright red in color and sweet. Old time melon type look. High yielder. Treated seeds.

not rated $4.30$388.00 Select options
Sugar Baby
Sugar Baby

80 days. Small, icebox type melon.

not rated $1.30$16.00 Select options
Sweet Favorite F1

80 Days. A long time favorite for many.

not rated $2.80$218.30 Select options
Sweet Harmony F1

90 days. Oblong, allsweet type melon.

not rated $2.20$145.50 Select options
Yellow Doll

70 days. Hybrid icebox type with a crisp,sweet yellow flesh.

not rated $5.30$509.30 Select options