Dripper Assemblies/Emitters

Anti-drain button emmitter. To be used with multi-outlet dripper assemblies. Pressure compensating. 3.0 GPH

Button emitter. 1 GPH at 10 PSI.1/8″ barb that pops into tubing or 1/8″ spaghetti tubing none-pressure compensating.

Double ended emitter. Pops in tubing with other end you can add a 1/8″ spaghetti tubing to run to each plant. Pressure compensated

Jain Jet

10-32 outside threads. 10.7 gph at 20 psi 12′ pattern.

360° mister with 10-24 buttress triple-lead fast threads. Makes a tight fit when installed orchard tubing or headerline. Rate from 10 to 30 PSI. Misting diameter: 4.5′ to 6.5′

Non-pressure compensating spray stick with shut-off holes. Sprays 11″ circle. Used 1/8″ tube. Gray 3.0 gph @ 20 psi.  Green 11.4 gph @ 20 psi


Pressure compensating weighted drip tubes Use to water hanging basket and potted plants. Use with punch # 991. 36″ long tube.

“SPT” type for pots. Green.

Red shut off valve. Has 1/4″ barbs.


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36″ stabilized hanging tube w/barb
60 PSI leak prevention device
30 PSI leak prevention device
2-way tee for fogger
Green spinner sprinkler-At 30 psi it will cover 24.6′ 6 foot off ground and will use .47 gallons of water per minute.
4-way cross for fogger
2-way tee for fogger nozzle
Blue fogger for above 2

1/8″ 0.187″ OD X 0.125″ ID.
0.250″ x 0.170″ Vinyl tubing
0.220″ x 0.160″ Vinyl tubing
.128 x 076 PE tubing
1/2″ Braided Hose
3/8″ clear vinyl tubing
3/4″ EDPM Hose withstands 300 PSI
1/4″ Braided hose. Used on Mazzi fertilizer injector kits


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