Approximately 800 seeds per OZ.
A delicious perennial vegetable. An asparagus bed will last for many years. Grows best in soils with a pH of 6.7 to 7.0. Soil should be light and rich in organic matter.
PLANTING SEEDS: Soak seeds for 48 hours at 85-90F before sowing. Place seeds 2″ “deep and 1/2” apart in a row outside after soil has warmed up. Keep soil loose and weed free. Transplant the following year to a permanent location. After transplanting, take only a light cutting off the first year and regularly there after. Seeds may also be started indoors in deep peat pots.
PLANTING CROWN: Nitrogen should be applied at a rate of 75 lbs of actual nitrogen per acre, phosphate at 250 lbs per acre and potassium at 300 lbs per acre. Prepare your field by broadcasting fertilizer at above rates and work it in. With a “lister or middle buster, open a V-trench of 6-8” deep. Apply Superphosphate ( 0-46-0 ) in the “bottom of trench at a rate of 200 lbs per acre or 22 lbs per 1,000′ of row. Cover fertilizer with 1″ of soil. Drop crowns in trench. The buds do not have to be facing up. We suggest laying them on there sides.

Distance between crowns is determined by the spear diameter required. 12-14″ apart for 5/8 to 3/4″ spears, 8-10″ for 3/8 to 5/8″ spears. Row spacing should be 5 feet. Completely cover crowns with soil. Some spears can be harvested the first year and starting the second year, you can harvest all spears until spears become small, usually 3/8” diameter. Crowns are 1 year old and have been inspected by the New Jersey Department of Agricultural and are Fussarium wilt free.

Purple Passion F1
Asparagus Crowns


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Mary Washington
Mary Washington

PKT: about 200 seeds

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