ONION SETS – Seasonal Availability Approximately 80 per pound
Onion sets can be used to grow either fresh spring onions or left to full maturity for keeping onion bulbs. Sets can be planted in rows or in a square pattern. Space at a 4-6″ spacing for larger bulbs or at 2″ for fresh spring onions You will need about 1 pound of sets per 100′ row or 12 bushels per acre. Sets are usually available around March 1. For 2011, sets are available now if you want them. We will begin taking orders around mid December and stop when we run out. In the comments section on the check out sheet, indicate when you would like delivery.
To determine proper day length onions, visit this site.

Red Onion Sets
Onion Sets

Onions may be grown from seed or sets which is more commonly today.

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Shallots/Yellow Cipollini

In planting, the tops of the bulbs should be kept a little above ground, and the soil surrounding the bulbs is often drawn away when the roots have taken hold. They come to maturity in summer, although fresh shallots can now be found year-round in supermarkets. Shallots should not be planted on ground recently manured.

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