All greenhouse film has a 4 year warranty against
sunlight break down and is 6 mil thick. Not all sizes
in stock. Call ahead before driving a long distance
to pick up plastic. 20′ to 42′ wide can be shipped
by UPS. Rest has to be shipped by truck.
NOTE: The use of lumber treated with ACQ or use of PVC products
voids warranty on greenhouse film. A good
substitute is western cedar.

Blower Mounting Kit 140 cfm
Blower Mounting Kit

Designed to be used with the greenhouse blowers.

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Clear 4 mil-8 ft x220 ft

1 year clear plastic

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Double Wall Polycarbonate

Just the perfect glazing product for your greenhouse
or high tunnel.

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Used to clip poly to 1.315″ purloin pipes. 1 oz.

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Greenhouse Poly Blower

These blowers are used to inflate 2 layers of polyethylene
film to conserve heat.

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Kool Ray

Super concentrated liquid shade. Kool Ray is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse or high tunnel temperatures during the warmer spring and summer months. Environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off, allowing for increased light levels as daylight decreases. Mix 1 to 8 with water. Spray, brush, or roll on.

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Poly Patch 2"x48"

A rugged patching tape for preventive maintenance in areas of extra stress or mending. Lasts up to 2 yrs. Comes in 4 widths. 2″   4″   6″   10″

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Sun Clear

Sun Clear stops condensation dripping in flexible or rigid greenhouses, tunnels, or other plastic, glass, and metal structures. The Sun Clear coating applied  to the underside of the plastic stops condensation drip and improves sunlight transmission through the plastic. Mix 1 quart to 25 gallons of water. Covers 10,000 square feet. Quart size.

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Tufflite- Greenhouse Film

Tufflite IV™ is a high quality 4 year greenhouse covering. Tufflite IV™ is available in various widths and lengths in standard 4 year as well as Tufflite Dripless™ (anti-condensate) and Tufflite Infrared™. All Tufflite™ products offer high clarity to allow the most light possible.

The use of lumber treated with ACQ or PVC products voids all warranties.


Not all Dripless sizes in stock. We can get any size you need with or without Dripless coating.

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