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Tufflite- Greenhouse Film


Tufflite IV™ is a high quality, 6 mil,  4 year greenhouse plastic covering. Tufflite IV™ is available in various widths and lengths in standard 4 year.

IR film has an anti-drip additive that reduces condensation build up and an additive that disperses light and helps delay the exit of heat.

The use of lumber treated with ACQ or PVC products voids all warranties.

You must pick a combination of the 3 options. Not all options are available.

Not all sizes of Dripless are in stock. We can get any size you need with or without Dripless coating.

Fabric Clips Used to clip poly to 1.315″ purlin pipes.


Greenhouse FilmBerry Plastics offers Greenhouse Film covers for all needs whether the needs are for single season, full year or 4 year protection. Berry Plastics Tufflite brand Greenhouse Film is a high clarity tri-layer film for maximum protection and ease of installation.

All greenhouse film has a 4 year warranty against sunlight break down and is 6 mil thick. Not all sizes in stock. Call ahead before driving a long distance to pick up plastic. 20′ to 42′ wide can be shipped by UPS. Rest has to be shipped by truck.

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1 Year, 4 Year, 4 Year Dripless/IR, 4 Year Tube, Fabric Clip, Batten tape


1', 100', 110', 150', 200', 220', 500'


10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 24', 28', 3/4", 32', 36', 40', 42', 48', 50', 56', 8'


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