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This stainless steel twine holder comes with 30′ of twine (6′ of freefall twine). You can wind your own by hand during the off season. The Tomahook measures 8.6″ long and hangs from your overhead support wire. One turn lowers the plants the correct distance. Will hold up to 30′


A unique twine holder made of heavy gauge wire support hangs on your overhead wire with 2 loops. The plastic spool of twine is
guaranteed for 3 years and comes with 82′ of twine, enough for 3 years for many growers. To assemble roll to wire frame, simply
side of frame & insert spool. You will need to buy one frame per roll of twine.

Vine clips are used when growing tall plants or vine crops in the greenhouse. Clear and Black

TRUSS HOOKS  J shaped hook will support that cluster of tomatoes that has an extended truss arm. Hook under truss arm of tomato cluster & unto twine. Reusable.

TOMATO POLLINATOR accomplishes pollination by vibrating the flower enough for the pollen to move from the anthers to the stigma, almost entirely within the same flower.

TOMATO TWINE6,000 feet per box. Box is slotted to fit on belt.

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Frame, Spool, Tomato Hook, Arch Support, Vine Clip, Truss Hook, Tomahooks, Tomato Pollinator, RollerPlast, Tomato Twine


8000, case of 550, case of 7,000, case of 7,500, 1, 1 Box, 10, 100, 1000, 20,000, 50, 500, 6000, case of 10,000, case of 18, case of 19,000, case of 360


Black, Clear, No Choice, White


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