Garlic maybe planted in early spring or early fall. To grow nice sized garlic bulbs, it needs lots of
organic matter, like compost or well aged horse manure worked into the soil. Break garlic bulb apart and plant cloves 2″
deep and 4″ apart. Keep weed free. Harvest midsummer. Use fresh or store in a cool dry place for
later use. Each bulb yields about 10 cloves

Deerfield Purple Garlic

Very good. Warm, rich, initial moderate heat with a very nice garlic flavor. Grows best in cool climates, as Rocamboles require a period of winter cold.  In warmer areas may get a good crop by cooling bulbs for a few weeks prior to planting, but note that plants grown in subsequent years are likely to be smaller (miniaturized) and to … Read More

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Elephant Garlic
Elephant Garlic

The plant, if left alone, will spread into a clump with many flowering heads.

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Porcelain type. Very popular variety. Very hardy and grows well in cold temperatures. Medium sized bulbs with 4-8 purple skinned cloves. Now taking orders for hard garlic. Supplies are limited, order now. Delivery will start in September.

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Soft Neck Garlic

Garlic is easy to grow and can be grown year-round in mild climates.

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