ONION SEEDS Approximately 8,000 seeds per oz.
PLANTING: Sow seeds thinly in seed flats during February or March. Place seeds 1/4″ deep in a good soil substitute, like
Berger BM-2. Germinate at 56F in strong natural or artificial light. After emergence, trim top to 4″ as needed as plants become
established. Transplant outdoors in 6″ spacings. Seeds may also be started outdoors in late spring. HINT: Start
your own onion sets by spacing seeds 3/4″ apart in a block format outdoors. Harvest & store like onion bulbs.
HARVEST: For fresh spring onions, pull and use when desired size is reached. For onion bulbs, when tops begin to fall over
& bulb has developed skins, pull and cure for at least a week in sunlight. When dry, store in dark, cool place. Do not freeze.
You will need 1 oz of seed per 100′ row or 4 lbs per acre. PKT size 1/8 oz.

American Flag Leek
American Flag Leek


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Candy F1
Candy F1

85 days. Both a short and long day type onion.

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Evergreen White Bunching
Evergreen White Bunching

A bulbless variety used only forbunching or for fresh spring onions.

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Granex Yellow F1
Granex Yellow (Seed)

100 days. One of the varieties used in Vidalia County, GA where they grow the famous Vidalia onions. Very sweet, yellow skinned variety. To be used as a fresh garden onion only. Will not store well. Short day type. Untreated seed.

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Ovation F1

110 days This great, high yielding, slicing onion producesjumbo, globe shaped bulbs.

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Red Grano

Short day type.

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Sweet Spanish White or Yellow

130 days. Long day type.

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Texas Grano 1015Y
Texas Grano 1015Y

175 days. Produces large, 1 pound, yellow skinned onion with a sweet flavor.

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Walla Walla
Walla Walla

This is the popular sweet variety by Washington state.

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