PLANTING: After soil has warmed up to 65F ( 70-75F for SH2 & SH2SL ) till soil fine and loose. Enrich with
compost or fertilizer, as corn is a heavy feeder. Direct sow seeds, 1-1.5″ deep, 5-10″ apart on a row spacing
of 30-36″ apart. For best results, plant in blocks of 3-4 rows, instead of 1 long row. Isolate different corn varieties
by a distance of 100-150′ or by maturity. Keep soil moist and weed free. After corn is about a foot tall, we like to
add Bradfield fertilizer at the rate of 5 lbs per 100′ right on row just before tilling or cultivating soil. If you use
a chemical fertilizer, do not put it on row or you may burn plants.
HARVEST: When mature, cut stalks and all to use as a fall decoration shock.
Ears can also be picked and tied in bundles of 3. Leave husk on ears. Pull husk down to end of ear. Tie 3 ears together for fall
decoration. Ears also make excellent squirrel food.

Bloody Butcher

110 days. Large, red colored ears make a rich flavored cornmeal or just works great for fall decorations.

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Fiesta F1
Fiesta F1

102 days. Earlier and shorter stalks then ornamental Indian corn.

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Hopie Blue

110 days. 8-10″ long dark blue ears.
Crop Failure 2020

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Neon Pink Ornamental Popcorn

I do not have an image for this product. If you buy and raise this product this year and send me an image of it, I will give you a free pack for next year. Send to” Please include your name, address, and product name.

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Ornamental Indian corn

110 days. Remarkable range of colors.

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110 days This ornamental Indian corn has a rainbow of colors like its name implies. It works well for fall decorations and makes great corn shocks. Untreated seed

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