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Hubbard Squash


300 seeds per oz PKT size about 30 seeds


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Chicago Warted Hubbard

115 days. Slightly larger  and more heavily warted then True Green hubbard from which it was bred. 12-14 lbs fruit is bronze-green in color with golden yellow, fine grained, dry, rich flavored flesh. Excellent for storage or shipping. Untreated seed.

Blue Hubbard

110 days. Pointed ends and large in the middle, similar to a football in shape. Skin is blue gray in color. Flesh is thick, yellow-orange, sweet and fine textured. Untreated seed.

Golden Hubbard

100 days. 10″ X 8″ fruit weights 9-10 lbs. Skin is reddish-orange with slight green around blossom scar. Rind is hard and smooth. Flesh is dry, fine grained and a light orange color. Treated seed.

True Green Hubbard

TRUE GREEN HUBBARD 105 days. Deep green type that is pointed at both ends. Very popular for both home garden or market. Rind is deep green, thick and warted. Flesh is orange, thick, dry and sweet. Untreated seed.

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Blue, Golden, True Green, Chicago Warted Hubbard


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