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Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases and Pests


This easy format allows the user to quickly identify signs and symptoms of important diseases and pests occurring throughout the world—in the greenhouse, in the field or garden, and in transit to the market.

Of the many changes in this second edition, the most notable may be the addition of a new section that includes coverage of insects and mites, also known as arthropods. This section alone features 90 species and 160 color images which make this handbook a cross-disciplinary reference and scouting guide that will be utilized by extension professionals and the growers they serve for years to come.

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This colorful guidebook is essential for ensuring early detection of disease and insect symptoms in order to implement control measures to maximum yields and product quality. It is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in healthy apple and pear production, including plant pathologists, entomologists, pomologists, extension agents, master gardeners, horticulturists, IPM practitioners, pesticide applicators, agrochemical professionals, private consultants, and growers.


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