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HYDRO FEED© INJECTORS by Chapin. 16oz 1 gallon 2 gallon NEW
A new auto-mix system that is great for use with drip irrigation,
sprinkler systems, soaker hoses or with just a standard hose
nozzle. All have adjustable rate by so many oz per gallon.
Each unit has a drain plug valve to quick empty tank contents.

E-Z GRO AUTOMATIC FERTILIZER SYSTEM Here is real inexpensive fertilizer injector system. Comes complete with fittings for a garden hose or fittings to punch into a header line of 1″ or less. On tank top is a valve you can adjust the flow rate of fertilizer applied. Settings are from 1 to 50 to 1 to 2,000. Easy to operate. 3/4 or 2 gallon tank

Phytotronics© HOZONTM BRASS injector
The HozonTM is a time-tested, accurate proportioning device
designed for small scale growers for the dispensing of fertilizers,
insecticides, fungicides and other water soluble chemicals through
a hose. Maximum hose length is 50 ft. from proportioner. Has a
built-in back flow preventer. Will not work with drip irrigation.

MAZZEI INJECTORS Injector only. 1/2″ 3/4″ Suction kit
Our Own Complete units
All units have a frame as in the photo to the left.
For units to work, you will need the following flow.
Made to order. Need 2 wks lead time.
DOSMATIC INJECTORS Fully outside adjustable from 39:1 to 500:1.
Mini Dos 3/4″ MPT. 12 GPH
Super Dos 30 1″ MPT. 30 GPH
Super Dos 45 1 1/4″ MPT. 45 GPH



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1 Gallon, 1 unit, 1.5", 1", 1" mpt, 1/2" mpt, 16 ounce, 2 Gallon, 2", 3/4 gallon, 3/4", 3/4" mpt, GH threads, Mini DOS, suction kit, SuperDOS 30, SuperDOS 45


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