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Sweet Potato Slips


Georgia Jet — top photo

Beauregard — bottom left

Hernandez — bottom right

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Georgia Jet — A spectacular new variety with extremely fast growth (#1 size potatoes in only 90 days) and extra-high yields. Ideal for northern gardens, even New England.

Hernandez — Developed by Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. This late (125 days) sizing cultivar has high yield and excellent baking and processing qualities. Moderate resistance to fusarium wilt, southern rootknot, nematode, soil rot. Crop Failure 2019

Beauregard — Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station release. Light rose or copper skin, dark orange flesh, uniformly shaped. Very good yield that stores well. Resistant to white grub and streptomyces soil rot but is susceptible to root knot nematode.

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Beauregard, Hernandez, Georgia Jet


100 slips, 12 slips, 500 slips, 60 slips

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April 30, June 15, May 15, May 30


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