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The Berger guarantee: Carefully selected and controlled raw materials. Finest quality peat moss harvested from their own peat bogs using the most up to date techniques. ISO 9001/2000 registered quality control…. A guarantee of consistent quality and service. Berger has been in the soil business for over 50 years.




mix is specifically formulated in either plugs, trays or floating systems. Composed of specifically designed particle size peat moss, perlite and
vermiculite. The BM-2 mix promotes uniform germination and rapid root development. Contains 70% fine peat moss, 15% perlite, and 15% vermiculite along with a minor starter charge. 3 cu ft. loose filled bags.

BM 6 An all purpose soil medium. This classic peat and perlite growing medium is made with superior
ingredients. You benefit with this versatile and adaptable mix since it is easy to manage under varied growing conditions. It is derived from coarse grade peat moss, perlite, dolomitic and calcitic limestone, non-ionic wetting agent and has a standard fertilizer charge. 30 bales on a pallet 3.8 cu ft bales

Organic starter mix. NOP compliant.
70% fine peat moss, 15% fine perlite, 15% vermiculite. The organic of BM2. 3 cubic foot bag. 30-40 lbs. 54 bags per pallet

This excellent mix contains 50% professional peat moss, 15% perlite, 35% southern pine bark, and a small starter charge. Recommended for cell packs, pots and hanging basket. Can also be used in long term potted plants like perennials. 40 to 50 LB per bag.

OM 6 ORGANIC MIX. NOP compliant. Same as BM 6 but the organic version. 30 bales on a pallet 3.8 ft bales

Also available with Actino Iron added to protect roots from
various fungal diseases. Special order item.

Ready to use and Ph adjusted. A nutrient rich
container blend of good things from the earth and sea.
It is of light texture and well aerated. 75bags per pallet
1.5 cu ft. bags. FOX FARM BRAND SOILS

Ready to use. Nutrient rich, fine screened. Light texture, well aerated. Ideal for containerized plantings. pH adjusted for optimum results. Contains beneficial microbes. 2 cu ft. bag. 40 lb

Specially formulated to be an ideal soil to use in raised beds and large
containers. Consists of composted topsoil, composed cotton burrs, coir, expanded shale, lava sand, granite sand, basalt, humate, montmorillonite, and diatomaceous earth. 1.5 cu ft. bags.40 lbs

Espoma Organic Seed Starter
A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®. All natural seed starting mix

For all seedlings and cuttings. Promotes Root Growth Improves moisture retention  8 quart bag

Espoma Organic Potting Soils

for Cactus, African Violet, Orchid, or Succulent use. 4 dry quart bags

A complete line of potting soils and soil amendments that can be used for organic gardening. Each mix contains a rich blend of only the finest natural ingredients. No synthetic plant foods or chemicals are used.
All Natural & Organic
Premium Quality Blends
Enhanced with Myco-tone Mycorrhizae


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BM-2, BM-6 loose, BM6 bale, OM2, OM-6 Loose, OM-6 Bale, BM-735, BM-735A, BM-745, BM-745R, OCEAN FOREST®ORGANIC, HAPPY FROG, RAISED BED MIX, Rice Hulls, Espoma Organic Seed Starter, Peat Moss, Espoma Organic Peat Moss, Cactus Mix, African Violet Soil, Orchid Soil, Succulent Mix


1 bag, 1 bale, 1.5 cu. ft., 50 lb bag, pallet of 30, pallet of 42, pallet of 48, pallet of 50, pallet of 51, pallet of 54, pallet of 60, pallet of 75


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