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Wave’s are very dwarf 6″ tall plant that spread over
an area of 2-3 foot, with 2-2 1/2″ diameter blooms.
Works great for a ground cover or in hanging baskets.

TriTunia MIX F1
The very best of Ultra, Storm & Bravo series combined to make up the TriTunia series. 12-14″ plants with large blooms. Pelleted seeds.

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PETUNIAS Annual Start seeds indoors, 8-12 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Fill a shallow dish or seed starting tray with a fine seed starting soil mix like Berger BM-2. Moisten soil, sprinkle in seeds and lightly cover. Now cover dish or tray with a clear plastic wrap to conserve moisture. Germinate at 70°F in light, not in direct sunlight or you will cook them. When first true leaf appear, replant into pots or flats with inserts.

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TriTunia MIX, Pink Wave, Purple Wave, Mixed Waves


1,000 seeds, 100, 2000, 500 seeds, Pkt


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