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Plants are medium in size and spreading in habit. Stems, leaves and petioles are green with light pubescence. Flowers are large and lavender in color; pollen is scant. Tubers are round to oblong, slightly flattened with medium deep eyes. Tubers have a tendency toward skinning. Skin texture is smooth and color is deep red which tends to fade with time. Flesh color is white. Specific gravity tends to be low, thereby making the tubers well suited for boiling. Dormancy is long.

Notice: Can not ship potatoes to
California or Idaho.

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If you want a nice looking red potato, this is the one. Great yields
of nice big red colored skin with a waxy, white, great tasting flesh.
Tolerant to cold, heat & drought.

Red La Soda is a main season cultivar that is primarily grown in the southeastern U.S. It is harvested in the winter months as a fresh market variety.

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1 lb, 1-10 lbs, per lb, 11-49 lbs, per pound, 50 lb bag

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