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June Bearing – Strawberry Plants


There are two different types of strawberries. June Bearers and Everbearers (Day Neutrals). June Bearers will produce one large crop lasting about 2 to 4 weeks in the spring. Everbearing strawberries can produce berries virtually all summer and fall up until frost, though the total volume of strawberries picked over an entire year seldom equals the volume picked from a plot of June Bearers. Modern varieties are good for all purposes – freezing, eating fresh, or cooking.
All strawberry plants are certified by California or Indiana State Agriculture Department to be disease free and true to variety. Shipping weights: 25 plants 1 LB
NOTE STRAWBERRY PLANTS ARE AVAILABLE IN SPRING. They will be shipped after March 1st.
Crowns are usually available around Mid-March. We will begin taking orders around mid December and stop when we run out.
Number of strawberry plants required per acre. For small gardens, order 7 plants per 10 foot row.
3 foot Row spacing
Spacing- Plants per acre
3″ 58000
4″ 43600
6″ 29000
8″ 21800
12″ 14625
4 foot Row spacing
4″ 32370
6″ 21580
8″ 16190
12″ 10790
18″ 7300

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ALLSTAR – Late mid-season. With almost perfect strawberry shape, All star has become a major variety during the late mid- season time. The glossy firm fruit, which holds its size very well, is an excellent PYO or home garden choice. It’s orange-red color & delicate skin lessens its shipping potential. All Star vigor and resistance to red stele, Verticillium, moderate resistance to powdery mildew & leaf scotch, makes it suitable to almost any growing region & soil condition.

ARCHER This mid-season berry has bright red fruit that remains large for two to three weeks of harvest.
This cold-hardy variety is known to withstand diverse climates making it a great choice for northern states. Zone 4-8

EARLIGLOW Earliest. Many consider Earliglow berries the best flavored of all the widely grown commercial varieties. Earliglow produces medium sized berries, with size decreasing greatly as the season progresses, making it difficult for U-pick farms to sell later fruit. Even with its drawbacks, Earliglow is one of the most widely planted varieties in the Midwest and Northwest largely due to its fantastic flavor. This is our favorite strawberry.

FLAVORFEST This berry is well suited for growing in the mid-Atlantic & northeastern regions. It does well on plastic culture and also in home gardens. The berries are large, brilliant red, and have an awesome flavor. It show resistance to
Red Steele and anthracnose crown or fruit rot. Zones 4-7

HONEOYE Fantastic yielder. This berry has a large fruit with a beautiful color. It is firm, red clear through & is great for pies. A good fresh shipper and very winter hardy. Currently the most popular PYO variety in the MW. & NE. It’s the leading producer in holding size during the long harvest season. Honeoye is best flavored when allowed to grow in lighter soils. Due to flavor and lack of disease resistance it is best to keep this variety on lighter soils or raised beds.

JEWEL Late season. Of the varieties in today’s strawberry industry, Jewel appears to be the best all around variety. Good for u-pick, fresh shipping and longer season yields. Produces large, firm, wedge shaped fruit of excellent color & quality. It’s firmness & abrasive resistant skin makes it less susceptible to fruit rots & ideal for shipping. A berry for the serious grower.

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Allstar, Archer, Cavendish, Chandler, Earliglow, Flavorfest, Honeoye, Jewel


50 plants, 100, 1000, 25, 500

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April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20, May 27


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