For planting directions see lima beans.
HARVEST: As soon as beans have filled the pods, you can harvest them to use as green soybeans. Best flavor and weight is attained just before pods start to loose their bright green color. At this point strip remaining leaves off plants. Remove pods from plant. For ease of shelling green soybeans, steam or boil for about 5 minutes. Shell. Use fresh or freeze for later use. DRY SOYBEANS: After about 90% of leaves have fallen off plants, pull plants. Hang in a dry, cool location until completely dry. Shell pods. Store in jars or freeze for later use.

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78 days This early green edible soybean has a buttery, delicious and a tender to somewhat firm texture. Usually it has three seeds per pod. The plants grows to 24″ tall and has a concentrated fruit set to allow for hand or machine picking.

Approx. 1,500 seeds per pound.

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