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Dahlia Series  Early flowers. Huge 5″ across double blooms in brilliant colors. Excellent for cut flowers.
30-40″ tall plants

Dahlia Canary Bird Order by weight

Dahlia Polar Bear Order by weight

Dahlia Cherry Queen Order by weight

Dahlia Mix Order by weight

Lilliput Series Short, 15-18″ plants. Tight double, 2″ pom-pom like blooms. Nice for small
bouquets or arrangements. Order by weight

Dreamland Series  12″ dwarf, 3-4″ formal double Dahlia flowers, still unique after 20 years.
Order by count.
California Giant Mix  Delightful, double flower up to 6″ across. Blooms from July until frost gets them. 30″ tall plant with a wide
assortment of colorful, large , double blooms. Available in organic also. Order by weight


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ZINNIA Annual Approximately 3,000/oz Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. In a 4.5″ pot, along with a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2, place seeds, 1/4″ deep, cover lightly. Germinate at 70°F for 7-14 days. After first true leaf appears, reduce temperature to 60°F until transplanted outdoors. Space plants 6-12″ apart in full sun. Seeds may also be sown outdoors after soil has warmed up to 65°-70°F. Zinnias are heat tolerant and make great cut flowers.
PKT contains about 300 seeds or 3/32 oz.

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Dahlia Canary Bird, Dahlia Polar Bear, Dahlia Cherry Queen, Dahlia Mix, Lilliput Series, Dreamland Series, California Giant Mix, Organic California Giant Mix, Pure White, Red Scarlet


1 lb, 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 lb, 100 seeds, 1000 seeds, 5 lbs, 500 seeds, packet

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    Have had much success with each zinnia we have grown from Morgan County. Canary Yellow, Cherry Queen, Lilliput, Dahlia Mix, and California Giants. We have started these seeds indoors and outdoors with success both ways. Quality Item.

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