Variety Days Treated Color Notes
Black Cherry 65 N Red-black Unusual color
Green Grape 80 N Yellow-green Very productive
Gum Drop Black 70 N Black striped Great taste
Honeybee F1 60 N Bright yellow Very sweet
Large Red Cherry 78 N Red Goes to frost
Lemon Drop Improved F1 68 N Bright yellow Concentrated set
Mountain Magic F1 74 N Red Blight immune
Patio F1 70 MB Red Patio planter
Rainbow Cherry Blend N Various
Red Robin F1 55 N Red Patio planter
Riesenstraube 70 N Red Giant bunch of grapes
Ruby Crush F1 60 N Red Container planting
Stupice 52 N Red Cold tolerant
Sugar Plum F1 75 N Red Very sweet
Sun Sugar 62 N Yellow Crack resistant
Super Sweet 100 F1 65 MB Red High in vitamin C
Sweet Hearts F1 60 T Bright red Crack resistant
Tigerella 76 N Red-yellow Very durable
Tommy Toe 70 N Glossy red Disease resistant
Yellow Pear 78 N Yellow Pear shape