Exhaust fans

36″ direct drive or 50″ belt drive

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Eye bolt

Forged 3/8″  x 6″  eye bolt with 2 washers and 1 nut.

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Eye screw
Eye screw

Used as a guide for drop down cable or support for a pulley.

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EZ Snap

An aluminum clip that fits in a C channel and holds the billow cords in place.

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Used to clip poly to 1.315″ purloin pipes. 1 oz.

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36″ stabilized hanging tube w/barb
60 PSI leak prevention device
30 PSI leak prevention device
2-way tee for fogger
Green spinner sprinkler-At 30 psi it will cover 24.6′ 6 foot off ground and will use .47 gallons of water per minute.
4-way cross for fogger
2-way tee for fogger nozzle
Blue fogger for above 2

1/8″ 0.187″ OD X 0.125″ ID.
0.250″ x 0.170″ Vinyl tubing
0.220″ x 0.160″ Vinyl tubing
.128 x 076 PE tubing
1/2″ Braided Hose
3/8″ clear vinyl tubing
3/4″ EDPM Hose withstands 300 PSI
1/4″ Braided hose. Used on Mazzi fertilizer injector kits


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30x96 Greenhouse

Greenhouse packages include the following items:   Double layer 6 mil 4 year poly, C-channels & stainless spring wire, Modine heaters, exhaust fans with shutters & auto inlet shutters, 5 rows of 1.315″ x 14 gauge galvanized purloins, 2 3/8″ 14 gauge galvanized bows along with hardware and thermostats. 5′ or 8′ side walls. Note: 30′ x 96′ has 2 heaters

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Greenhouse Fans

GreenTex 20″ HAF fan.

Comes with a 9′ cord. Ready to mount out of box. 25 lb shipping wt.

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Greenhouse Film Treatments

Super concentrated liquid shade. Kool Ray
is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse
or high tunnel temperature during the warmer spring and
summer months. Environmentally friendly ingredients will
slowly wear off, allowing for increase light levels as the daylight
decreases. Mix 1 to 8 with water. Spray, brush or roll on.


Sun Clear® stops condensate dripping in flexible or
rigid greenhouses, tunnels and other plastic, glass
and metal structures. The Sun Clear® coating, applied
on the underside of the plastic house stops condensate
drip, improving better transmission of sunlight through
the plastic.
Mix 1 qt to 25 gallons water. Covers 10,000 sq ft.


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Greenhouse Poly Blower

Can be mounted flat or to a bow.
Designed to be used with the greenhouse blowers. Contains mounting plate, plastic bushing, nuts and screws. Can be mounted flat or to a bow.
For use in connecting double layer polyethylene from roof to wall to pressurize walls. Black corrugated hose with simple twist on fittings.

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Guarddog Screw

Deck type screw that is 3 1/2″ long.

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• Gently warms soil for faster germination and better growth • Built-in thermostat • Flexible cable fits any growing area Specifications • Water resistant construction • 32W / 120V / 0.27A • Built-in thermostat designed to maintain 77°F – 85°F • Instructions included 12 feet 24 feet 48 feet

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High Tunnels

NRCS approved kits

We are the original retailer of Zimmerman high tunnels. We still sell the Zimmerman high tunnel except that we have refined some of the parts that hold it together. We have added extra parts so that you do not have to buy anything extra except your tools. We are MCS Tuff High Tunnels and Greenhouses.
NRCS approved MCS Tuff high tunnels are one of the heaviest on the market. The kits include many features that are extra on other tunnels or not available. Easy to understand instructions are included along with a phone number for help.

High tunnels work great for getting a jump start on early crops as tomatoes and strawberries. No electric needed.

We can custom build a tunnel for you. Call me @ 660-287-2400

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Jr Tunnels

HOBBY JUNIOR HIGH TUNNELS A small version of the high tunnels. Can be any length in 4′ increments. Contact us for a different length.

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Lag Screw

1/4″ x 1 1/2″ lag screw Single or Pack of 20

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Neoprene Washer

Neoprene backed metal washer. Used to support poly-carbonate when attaching to either steel or wood end walls. Use with either Tex or # 10 wood screws. Place every 24″ between aluminum extrusions. 100 PKT 1/4 lb

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Optional Double Layer Poly

Add a second layer of plastic on your tunnel and inflate it and it will increase your temperature in cold weather by 2-3 degrees and it will eliminate loose, flopping plastic which means longer roof life. Comes with poly blower and mounting bracket.

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Poly Patch 2"x48"

A rugged, clear,  patching tape for preventive maintenance in areas of extra stress or mending. Lasts up to 2 yrs. Comes in 4 widths. 2″   4″   6″   10″ WHITE VINYL BATTEN TAPE Used to nail film to wood. Will not tear through.

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Roll bar cap

Roll bar cap for 1.315″ pipe, 8′

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Roll Up Gear

The gearing used to roll up sides on a high tunnel.

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Shade Cloth Clips

Whether you need to replace torn clips or add new ones, these will do the job.

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Shade Cloths 8x12
Shade Cloths

NOTE: These are the sizes in stock. We can get most any size, shade, or color you want in 2 weeks or less. You can put your order in the “comment” box at checkout, email us, or call us.

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1 way air passage.  36″ & 54″

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Single H Channel
Single H Channel

Used on ends of polycarbonate sheets.

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Small Pulley

small pulley with eye used as corner between cable and side curtain

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