Comp x MHT 1/2
Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are easy to use. Just push pipe into fitting and you are done. There is no need for clamps this way. 1/2″ and 3/4″ size will hold pressures up to 60 PSI. 1″ size will hold only 20 PSI. Above these pressures, use insert fittings and clamps. Compression fittings only work with our orchard tubing.

Now make your own compression fittings using PVC pipe fittings. Adapters glue into PVC pipe fitting, creating a compression fitting.


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Drip Tape

Why use drip irrigation? Drip is a good way to save water and put it right where you need it. Drip works great under plastic mulch,natural mulch, or laid on top of soil right along side of plants. If used along side of plant it will keep the foliage dry and less chance of disease. A few rules to follow with drip irrigation is: ALWAYS USE A FILTER. A REGULATOR IS A MUST IF YOU IRRIGATE OFF A PRESSURE SYSTEM. It is even a wise idea to use a filter with well water. No water supply is 100% clean. If water source is a stream, pond, river or lake, a sand filter is a must. It is a wise idea to add a spin clean filter after sand filter to catch any sand particles that escape out of sand filter. Remember, a plugged drip line is just a hose.

You must enter any length and thickness to get a price.

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Drip lock repair coupling
Drip Tape Fittings

176 Goof plug for layflat where #290 or #1380 when removed
189 Drip lock repair coupling with valve.
218 .250 barb X drip lock. Up to 300′ of drip. Use punch # 991
244 .420 guff plug. Used to plug holes of 296 or 1014.
290 Layflat X drip lock. Use with punch # 1000
296 .420 barb X drip lock. Up to 600′ drip. Use punch # 764.
298 0.400 grommet. Drill 5/8″ in 1″ pvc to use # 296 or # 1014.
315 Drip tape end closures
356 Drip lock ell.
379 Drip lock tee.
420 Drip lock repair coupler. Yellow & Black Irritec.
420B Drip lock repair coupling. Orange & black Jain irrigation
426 Goof plug to plug .250 holes. 10 plugs per pack.
438 1/2″ inside/3/4″ outside foe PVC pipe to drip lock
832 .250 (1/4″) barb X drip lock with valve. Use punch # 991.
859 Female garden hose X drip lock.
988 Male garden hose X drip lock.
1014 .420 barb X drip lock with valve. Use punch # 764.
1380 Layflat X drip lock with valve. Use punch # 1000-2
1381 Auto flush valve. Use with # 988 at end of drip line.
1678 Layflat X 1/2″ID/3/4″OD pipe thread. Use punch #1000-2
597 Drip line patching tape. Used to patch small holes in DL.

         Punches for drip lock fittings.

764 Punches .420 hole. Use with fitting # 296 or 1014  First Punch
764-2 Punches .420 hole. Heavy duty. Use with fitting # 296 or 1014 Blue punch
764-3 Replacement tip for # 764-2
991 Punches 1/8″ hole. To be used with # 218 or # 832 fitting  T punch
1000 Punches 19 mm hole (blue) for fittings # 290 Last punch
1000-2 Punches 14 mm hole (orange) for fitting # 1380 & 1678.

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Power lock coupler
Drip Tube fittings

Fittings for Drip Tube  Will not fit Drip Tape

Power lock coupler
MHT X power lock
FHT X power lock
3/4″ soc X power lock
3/4″ soc x PL w/valve
.400 barb X Power lock.
.400 barb x powerlock w/valve
Powerlock coupler with valve.
Powerlock x layflat
Powerlock tee.
Powerlock ell

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Spin Filter 3/4"

This is a more economically priced filter. It is not a spin clean filter. Parts will not inter change with spin clean filter.

All have male pipe threads. Each filter has a flush valve for ease of cleaning by just opening valve. Two piece threaded housing with O-ring seal, molded from high heat & chemical resistant glass reinforced plastic. Stainless steel 150 mesh screen.

Clean water is a must with drip irrigation. When using pond, river, stream or lake water a sand filter is a must. Back flush valve assembly included on TA40 & TA60 models. TR100 you need to buy back flush valve assembly. You will need sand & gravel for each filter.

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Header Line

Used for main lines or header lines.

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This is a lightweight, tough and economical
priced water discharge hose great for mains

or as header lines. It will not rot or mildew and
coils flat for easy storage. Max. PSI: 75.

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Pressure Regulator 2"
Pressure Regulator

PRESSURE REGULATORS A must have for drip irrigation. Sizes 3/4″ – 2″

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Quick Couplers


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Suction Hose 2″

PVC construction provides durability. Reinforced. 3/4″ & 2″ diameter Sold by the foot.

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